Thursday, August 27, 2009

Why did he choose Palin?

He could'a been a contender!

I lauded a dem for telling a woman talking to her would be like 'talking to a couch'....
so I have to give McCain credit where credit's due.

He stood his ground, talked to the people even when they were railing (had the woman that wouldn't let him get a word in edge-wise escorted out...but at least the bat-shit crazy republican woman in the other town hall meeting let a dem talk).

And he even pulled a 'let me put on a surprise face' moment, pointing out that someone was being insipidly obvious, referring to his support from some health care providers.

This man has class...he is NOT a waste of skin, or politician. Too bad he bowed to his party and stepped up with the bitch Palin....
too damned bad. :(

(have I mentioned, regardless of policy issue disagreements, I like McCain...I really think he's one of the few out there that cared about doing the best thing for his country. Our opinion on what that was just didn't jive)

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