Friday, October 19, 2012

CSM FAQ is up...

and it's anemic...buuut

35 man Plague Zombies are a go (duh).
The Axe of Blind Fury is a go for DPs.
Anything that is MoK restricted can also be taken by Daemons w/MoK as well.
Hellbrute's 5 pts cheaper.

important little (and big) things.
Oh, and terminators are FIXED! :-)

Random 40k grump of the day...

Does anyone else find it bothersome that a Terminator Cyclone gets two shots, and a Dreadnought Missile Launcher only gets one?

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Horus Heresy Book I; Betrayal. A curmudgeon's review.

Okay, to start I have become jaded.  Maybe I've been playing with my toy soldiers too long, maybe I'm too old or maybe a year of infant/toddler induced sleep deprivation has brought an even greater level of curmudgeon-itude to the fore, but this last year has brought me only a little GW joy.
I keep looking for that next 'thing' to bring me back into the fold, bring me a new joy in the sandbox I like to play.
I have become pessimistic in my assessments, more negative than ever in my 'anticipation' of releases and utterly unforgiving in my final analysis'.

I think no more.  It may just have taken Forge World to fix what ails me!