Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Cultural Suicide?

Yes, yes it really stands for 'Voluntary Human Extinction Movement'.

You HAVE to read this...it is almost as inane, and frightening, as the 'Birthers' are on the other end of the spectrum. Or at least nearly as devoid of facts...

I am just amazed at the specious and unsupported arguments on this site.
The manipulated data that 'proves' the urge to procreate is invented, and that sex has NO basis in biological drives.
Can I find the studies about how orgasms were actually an evolutionary development that INCREASED sexual activity/drive for the sole purpose of driving more intelligent species to higher levels of activity/reproduction? Yes. Can I find how sex developed from single asexual reproduction to sexual reproduction in higher order animals? Yes. Can we find a multitude of material on the internet and in Medical journals that can debunk either side of this argument? Yes.
Follow any of the links from this entry;
Wiki On Orgasm
Further Wiki Fun
God I'm being lazy, but Wiki is my Friend

see, by visiting one site I just supported and debunked a number of different takes on the subject..and all it took was me caring enough to do so.

Egads, these people are morons.

We are SEXUAL beings, and REPRODUCE thus. This is our goal, survival on a personal and species level. Those that have no reproductive drive in our cultures (aside from those who have yet to achieve, or have passed, reproductive adulthood) are individuals who are considered mentally ill (or physically incapable due to illness).

Sorry, got off track on the whole 'why' we have sex thing, and didn't stay on track with the whole 'why we reproduce' thing...
It's called survival you idiots. It's called basic biological drive. It's called evolution.

Have we spread too far a bit, to the point of overburdening our environment? Yes, BUT...part of the issues we see around us are a result of irresponsible societal growth, not species growth. We are culturally evolving here too, as we learn the results of our mistakes and adapt to the accordingly, trying to find how to continue on the way we are and stop destroying what we need.

Ultimately, we are CURRENTLY as high on the evolutionary ladder as it's going to get. We may be something far better, or we may be dead, in another 100,000 years +. But it is an ILLNESS to wish your own species dead and gone. It is a sign of DYSFUNCTION to not wish for your own survival (and yes, wishing for species end is either being trendy, moronic, or very very ill...and it is just as devoid of normal mental function as is suicide).

I don't think these people should follow the natural path of things...I think they need to find their own Jim Jones and drink some fugging KoolAid...I'll mix the batch personally.

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