Monday, August 10, 2009


Where do we cross the line? Where do we consider the absolutes absolute?
Is faith mutable? Can we really accept something as essentially fundamental and unchallengeable, and yet at the same time accept others opines?

Does faith (not religion, I really do mean faith) preclude our ability to accept others beliefs at face value?
We define ourselves with it, even if doing so means we deny it (atheism frankly is one of the MOST 'faithful' stances, and at the same time most closed minded...we deny legitimacy to someone when we deny they can believe in something we basically say is innate fallacy).
Can we be faithful AND truly accept others?
I know there are those that say yes out of reflex, and those that believe at face value we can...but do they really believe? Or do they simply find comfort in their faith/practices?

I have run the gamut, from denial of faith (12 years old, grandparent's birthday party at the Golden Lamb.... 'You know, I don't believe in God'...awkward silence, and common sense prevails as the table carefully moves onward...gads!) to research (I own a number of holy books, really ran the HELL out of Descartes' method and meditation...ran it all the way out...and Dead Sea Scroll translations/Gnostic texts/Khaballic (sp) writings)...

I think the human condition may not allow for this, but I don't know. I know I BELIEVE I am tolerant, that I accept other people's beliefs in tandem with my own...
I know I PREACH a tenet of acceptance, and multi-faceted faces of God for each peoples that need to see him/her in that fashion. But do I KNOW it, on a basic atavistic level is that real to me?

I don't know,
do you?

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