Sunday, August 9, 2009


she blasted me
she opened her heart
and it was raw sunlight in the crypt
I wanted to cry, I wanted it to stop
I wanted to curl up and hide
but she continued
she opened herself
showed me herself
her inner being
all of it
and it blasted me where I stood
it stripped away all that was
it rent me to the bone
and left me standing
like the proverbial pillar of salt
I stood there
unsure, uncertain, confused
and then I saw
saw inside
saw the what who and why of her
and I was left dumbstruck
numb and awed
and fundamentally changed
by beauty and soul
I am whole,
and ALIVE once again
and I can only give thanks
for the gift of being
that I have been granted

I am humbled beyond measure
and enlightened.

carpe diem

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