Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Speaking of Death Panels and all things fun....

Betsy McCaughey and YOU!

(please look at this link soon, it's Hulu so it'll be gone shortly)

You know, if anything convinced me that I love this man...
and that the right wing agenda is to skew information solely to undermine a sitting president WITHOUT cause, this would be it...
well, okay...they didn't need help with that!

But the woman who started the ball rolling, whether she used the phrase or not, really buys into her own propaganda. Watch the whole interview, she doesn't even hear the words coming out of her own mouth.
Or she speaks a different language than I do.

I know this is a little late, but without cable I get these episodes on Hulu. So if you saw it, sorry...re-watch it for the entertainment. If you didn't, you need to for even further in depth exposure of idiocy.

And jabeebus, but don't get John Stewart on a roll...he's gooooood!

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