Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Stick up the arse sohelpmeGawd!

WTF, get a GRIP!

Okay, that's just nuts.....
In a nutshell, I say to the media "I think that was a little premature and a bit overkill"
My organization say "Bad you, you are to be fined..."

WTF? I get it, you want Golf to look like a great big happy sausage fest...you don't want 'dissension' in your ranks. OK, but this is not dissent, this is a simple expression of dissatisfaction that an unnecessary pressure was applied denying a competition it's tension and sense of..well, competition to be honest.
When you are in a duel (as Tiger likened it) you are in a constant state of fight or flight. Doesn't matter how many times you've done it, won it, or just plain kicked arse...you are on the edge. You are fighting your own autonomic responses to maintain control and poise.
Yes it becomes easier with time, yes it is expected that competitors improvise, adapt and overcome when put to the screws...but when an official in your own organization adds to that stress it becomes harder, especially at a key moment!
This action clearly caused a slide in favor of one competitor.
Result, an undermining of the actual event. The official actually nerfed his own event by his actions.
If anyone should be censured, it should be the ref.
And because Tiger pointed out that the end-game was less than exciting, and that his opponent was robbed a good showing (and possibly a win) due to that is both being a good sport AND responsible participant.
And he's being punished.

Asses...complete asses......and I'm not even a big fan of Tiger's...Asses

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