Sunday, August 9, 2009

Musings...and Feelings

We try to define it.
It does mean something different to all people
But I think I have figured out what it is,
After the euphoria, the high
The falling and the settling.
Palpable and distinct
Unquestionable and whole
To me,
Not the sharing of food, space,
Bodies, fun or lives….but sharing.
Sharing of soul, love and pain.
It’s easy to share the good things, the warm things
The soft things and the whole things…
The joy and the triumphs.
But when you share the pain
The anger
The frustration…
More, when that becomes no longer a choice,
But is a part of your very nature.
When you no longer think about it,
When you FEEL it with them
When you think of solutions,
Or become consumed by their focus..
When these things become FIRST nature, not second..
And when you step back, on those rare occasions of true evaluation
And it brings you not pride, not joy, not resentment nor obligation…
But a wholeness that you did not feel before
THAT is love.
Those who say love is pain only see one side of the picture,
But they were not wrong, and it is good.

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