Monday, August 10, 2009

Hasselbeck Spawning....

(Satan's Chilluns!)

oh lord she's spawned AGAIN.
This is bad Igon. Not crossing the streams bad, but this is bad... :(

This is a classic example why people should NOT open their mouths in public. This woman is a MORON. Thank Gawd she's better looking that Palin (who is cute in her own right) or no one would liste...wait, that's the whole problem isn't it?
Gravitas, when the FUCK did we as a nation decide it was dictated by 'pretty'?
GACK! (note that I include men in this....the Govenator anyone? )
(had to give her credit though, she did stand in the face of constant attack and refuse to give ground to her colleagues and THE BEAST...or was that just blind fanaticism? You make the call)

speaking of gravitas, my better half reminded me of fitting considering the material...

(Sunday's Doonesbury)

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