Sunday, August 9, 2009


(note: to anyone reading this, this is NOT my parents...this is a sense of things from wordplay going on in my head at the time..the words were right, the sentiment is NOT REFLECTIVE OF ANY REALITY IN MY LIFE with those two lines...)

Rip the Lid
Off the Id boys and girls
See what
Gonna climb out
Daddy touched me
Momma didn�t love me
How did I turn out?
Reached for one
Got both instead
Get the spiders
Outta my head
Eat the golden
Apples of the sun�..

Oh shit, I ate the apple�.

ALPHA: love-hate-need-fear-know-lust-birth-death-(E=mc2)
-spirit-pain-pleasure-regress-Ganesha-light :OMEGA

It is done��.

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