Saturday, June 30, 2012


I'm a little pissed.
Wife gave me a GW online voucher for Father's that I could order the Gamer's Edition that I really wanted as soon as it was available online.
She was really excited, getting me something fun for my hobby so close to the new edition.
The edition I've been looking forward to a GREAT deal.

Got the confirmation it was shipped on Tuesday.

Mail just got delivered, still nothing.

Looks like I got screwed outta 'release-day' fun!

Shit.  I think I'm really pissed.
I know the wife is.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Grey Knights...the fix

Ok, ruminations.
It may be moot, we have yet to see what 6th brings, but these are the thoughts that rattle around in my melon on occasion.
It may also be done to death by others, everywhere (or at least whined to death about), but when I want to write, I will no matter how timely it may be.

I shelved my GK after my (2nd?) tourney with them.
I credited my performance, in the first event I played them, to lack of my opponents' familiarity with them.  It was clear they were efficient, and potent, but I have to see something in action before I truly make a judgement...and made it I did...

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Batrep Synopsis Bookery RTT 6.16

I went to the RTT at Bookery Fantasy yesterday.
It was a 'farewell to 5th Edition' event, so I chose something outside my recent paradigm.
I went back to the army I played in my last RTT in 4th edition.  A little different, as I had Assault cannons aplenty (as well as more Lightning Claws, and regular terminators) back then...but it cost the same, with the same model count/units.
Belial and the Deathwing return!

-Command Terminators (Narthecium, 3x THSS, LC, Chainfist, Cyclone)
-Terminators (5x THSS, Cyclone)
-Terminators (5x THSS, Cyclone)
-Terminators (4x THSS, Cyclone, Chainfist)
-Terminators (4x THSS, Cyclone, Chainfist)
-Land Raider, Crusader pattern.
-Land Raider, Godhammer patter.

Again, like a fool, I didn't take notes or the lists and specific turn accuracy is likely not precise.  Anyone reading, PLEASE note corrections if you feel so inclined.

+++Astropathic channel open:  07 042 696.M41+++
++Chapter Master Azrael, from Deathwing Master Belial++
+investigation into Consecrators' distress beacon begin+
Upon entry into uncharted system ZZ9 Plural Z Alpha.  Strike cruiser 'Unyielding Blade' (transport; Consecrators' Ravenwing support detachment) found devastated.  Brief clashes with xenos automaton aboard.  Investigation provided little data.  Possible Necrontyr world orbiting dying star.  Adeptus Mechanicum expeditionary force may be below.  Imperial units may be under xenos influence.  Further investigation necessary...rumours of Fallen possibly bait for Consecrators.  Hulk of 'Unyielding Blade' cleansed with magma warheads.  Bringing BattleBarge 'Sword of Caliban' into orbit under minimum power.  Passive Augers activated from orbit.
  +to yield to panic is to abandon The Lion+
+++Astopathic channel closed+++

The Good, the Bad and the... Ugly.  (I gotta find somewhere to really gripe about, last couple of events I've gone to haven't granted me curmudgeonly fodder)

So I went to a tournament at the Bookery Fantasy in Fairborn this weekend.
It was billed as a 'Farewell to 5th' event.  As this is likely to be my last tourney played in the current edition, and my spawn is likely to prevent me from playing a great deal from here until the 6e release, the name was entirely appropriate.
I will be trying to make the Buckeye Battles GT in July, but that is an event that allows Forgeworld...and a hobby-centric event (NOT a dirty word, just a very different flavor), so I am not counting that one.
As far as list ruminations and such, I will hold that off for the 'bat-rep synopses' and just focus on the event and venue.