Sunday, August 9, 2009

Does anyone?

Does anyone notice when an old woman dies?

She wasn’t a tree in the woods,

She isn’t schroedinger’s cat

Why isn’t the world screaming, dying…

Why am I the only one I can hear crying, even as quiet as it is..

I don’t want to ask these questions…

Should I feel bad, that I didn’t feel this with papaw..

Am I bad for that?

I loved him too, just as much

Maybe I just had closure there moreso than here

I didn’t say I love you enough, but do we ever?

She was so small, so very small, but never a small woman in anyone’s eyes.

Pillar she was to me, anchor

Buffalo games, long vacation understanding ear and a blueberry pie

Why the hell is the sun shining so bright, it should be out…

Put that fucking thing out. Stop it’s shining.

I can’t believe it hurts this much. No one else did

I thought I had a handle on death, a grip

Am I lying to myself? Maybe in age I feel it more?

Twisting burning hating loving missing crying screaming pain….

Jesus, give her the fuck back….make her whole again

Make her my mamaw again.

I was moving, moving home again. Going to be there

Why didn’t I do it sooner?

Shit shit shi…

Victoria Concannon









All these things she was, but more





Creator goddess

She was love,

And God I am going to miss her with all my being….

Victoria Concannon

Died this day, and not enough people wept…

But I think I hear a little of the world groing smaller

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