Monday, April 29, 2013

GW fan blogs DMCA Hate?

(may be a rumour reaction, looking for confirmation first...not taking down original post though)

GW DMCA takedown of BoLS and Faeit?

Really guys?

These sites support you and your community...un-good.
Double-Plus Un-good.

makes my ennui more pronounced.

appears confirmed:

found also repeated on the BoLS lounge (which is still accessible)

Wednesday, April 10, 2013


(something I posted on a facebook group I belong needs a bit of expounding, but is much an acknowledgement of WHY i have been so quiet of late.  NOTHING is motivating me toward the game anymore.  I am changing toward a hobby based dynamic though, and will begin once again to wax poetic...okay ramble incessantly...about my hobby.  there just may be a bit more grump for a while :-)  )
Other than the fact it is my favorite genre/universe to wargame in, I have come to a conclusion...

I have NOTHING positive to say (and would hesitate to go so far as to say 'am growing to detest') 6th edition 40k.

The current trends, direction and choices are frankly MORE jarring than the transition from 2nd to 3rd...more pervasively underhanded than 4th to 5th and have the potential to create a game more unbalanced (and ultimately more bland and unrewarding) as 4th ed.
This is the most ill-thought out and delivered edition/transition ever instituted by GW...and that is coming from a player who has stuck through this game, the price hikes and shennanigans that have been pulled on/over us since RT.

I can honestly say I felt MORE likely to have a rewarding and manageable/fair/balanced tournament experience at hobby geared 4e GT's than I do with the abomination under which we now play.
...that is all.

I am trying to 'be back', for those few who actually paid attention...but the 'spawn' has also been consuming my soul slowly.