Sunday, August 9, 2009



Now to start this off carefully, no this individual is NOT retarded, nor slow (beyond the obvious). Simply a strong example of why people should not be allowed to breed without a license.
this is a transcript of an IM session I was having with someone.
(this may not be a real Journal entry per-se, but it HAD to be shared)

and to coin a phrase from one of my favorite websites of all time,

"so, buddy walks in" (

Me: for craig'slist
Me: omigod
Me: I so FUCKING hate yugioh kids/parents/public schools
Me: what would your father have done if you didn't have your times tables at least roughly down by 14yrs?
Roxy: LOL!
Roxy: I had that down when I started Kindergarten.
Me: exactly. so, buddy walks in.....
Me: asks me a barrage of inane questions
Me: and I mean a barrage
Me: then asks me how much Yugioh packs are. I tell him 4 apiece.
Me: he asks how much after tax
Me: I tell him 8.56
Roxy: He'd be pissed.
Me: (mind you, this is after he has proven he is a complete and UTTER dolt)
Me: he then wanders for a bit.
Me: and comes up with 4 of the 2.00 magic grab packs.
Me: and asks 'how much is this before tax?'
Me: I kinda look at him dumb for a second....he looks down, counts for a second (looking for all the world like he wants to use fingers) and says 'oh yeah, 8$
Me: he pauses....looks up....and my mind screams "nooooooooooooooooooooooooooo, please please don't ask me this,....I am begging you not to"
Me: and his mouth opens
Me: and he says......get this............. "how much is that after tax?"
Me: I kinda look at him....and I think about nasty cruel and inhumane things to say....and instead, what comes out of my mouth is.
Me: 'tax is 7%....or .07$ on the dollar. so, if you have 8$, and it is .07 per dollar, then what is 7x8......
Me: and he stares
Me: and he stares some more
Roxy: good god.
Me: then he starts mumbling something mathematically that so help me god sounds like a damn physics formula....and starts saying things like (mumble mumble 7 thousand 8
Me: so I stop him
Me: and I ask, just ask..... "how old are you?"
Me: 14
Me: "do you not know your time's tables?"
Me: "sure"
Me: "okay, what's 7x8"
Me: "dunno"
Me: "just for giggles, 5x7"
Me: "dunno"
Me: okay, you had 8 in yugioh cards, so what was the tax for that?"
Me: um
Me: 8.56?"
Me: me "yup"
Roxy: This, by the way, is why I don't want anything to do with teaching.
Me: me "so what is it for this?"
Me: "dunno"
Me: "8.56"
Me: "OH!"
Me: .......................
Me: GODDAMN I hate YuGiOh, and this school system

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