Sunday, February 19, 2012

Confusing Interceptor?

so I look at my interceptors (one finished unit, another just built) and I like the idea of more 'compact' weaponry.
I know it's applying logic to a fantasy environment, but jump/teleport units seem to need something a bit more manageable.

So I took the falchions, and utilized only one to represent NFW's on my sword-toting dudeages.
I'm just curious to know if people think this would be too confusing on the table, or if having only the one hand wielding it (as opposed to the pair) would deliver the message while NOT violating (the majority of people's perception of) WYSIWYG?

(I also realized that I can also put a small magnet on a thigh and one of the sheathed combat blades from a LS Storm's scout bits sprue to turn these guys into dual purpose representations)

If this works out (aesthetically, after painting) I'll have to grab a box or two for converting shorter halberds. No idea yet for the psycannon, but they're not wielding two weapons so that may be a logical wash. I'll leave the hammers 'as is'...the Sgt. should be a special type of bad-arse!

Friday, February 17, 2012

When good blogs go bad...

when a Blog gets too big for its britches, tripe can occasionally come flowing out.

Recently, an article appeared on a Blog nearly everyone knows referencing vehicle movement and how one writer doesn't...well... like the actual rules, apparently.

It was an entire video on how an accepted movement convention was 'illegal'.
The video, following article (and days worth of argumentative thread within said post) continued to support the position that anyone who supported this movement convention is 'cheating'.
Though not spoken with every line, or argument against, the clear intent was there...and the word was bandied about more than once.

That's a harsh word to throw out in print. Quite a bit of harsh, when referencing how (at least in my neck of the woods...which involves a tri-state area, some further traveling, and a larger pool of friends about the nation) everyone I know plays.
Condescending when considering it is being stated in near absolutes with little room for disagreement, instead of discussion of how the writer feels the general public may be 'off the mark' and needs to discuss the possibility that the rules should be looked at with a fresh eye.

The verbal meandering I have just finished has a point, of sorts...but also assumes the reader understands(has read) the post/article/video I am referring to.

Suffice it to say, the argument arose from deployment tactics based on this rule;
BRB pg 57, last paragraph left column;
"Vehicles turn by pivoting on the spot about their centre-point, rather than 'wheeling' round. Turning does not reduce the vehicles move...."

You deploy, on the line (let's assume 'pitched battle') broadside. On your first turn, you pivot and charge. Simple, yes? For some units, this garners an additional few inches. For open topped transports, it forces your opponent to deploy a little shallower to avoid potential first turn charges.
Honestly, it is a method to manage your opponent's deployment a little. Not immensely, but a little. Throughout the game, it also makes your opponent give a slightly wider birth to units...again, forcing greater thought about maneuver.

It's been a VERY long time since I have even seen this argument come up (years).
I really thought it was 'all cleared up' within the community.
Yet here we are, in the twilight of 5e, and it's stirred up a shite-storm on one of the 'biggest' blogs out there,
and that's having a ripple effect across other forums...and lending credence to 'arguments' from those that never really liked the fact that the rules functioned in a fashion that they disagree with (generally with a 'but it never worked/shouldn't work/RAI isn't' kind of flippancy).

So, twofold query...for those that actually read me out here ;-)

A) does anyone I know think that this is an illegal maneuver (the aforementioned deployment/pivot tactic)? I really want to know if it's just my 'pool' that accepts this with little/no misunderstanding

B) if you are a 'Big online Light, Shining' in the internet blogosphere, are you obligated to edit/manage your postings clearly in order to insure your larger reader base is not misled by less/incorrectly informed meanderings?


Sunday, February 5, 2012

Long time, no type!

Okay, so wow...I thought I was busy before, but I haven't had a moment to sit down and type...until I looked at my blog(wasteland) and saw, NOTHING for January.
I had a desire to get in something every week or two, and instead I missed a whole bloody month.
The Baby rocks, but wow does time fly now.

So, frustration abounds.
I don't have time for pick-up/friendly games it seems, so I've been attending only tournaments (and not many at that, won't even be making one in Feb at all probably).
I grew frustrated with the GK incarnation I had settled on sometime in Nov/Dec, after a tournament in Cincy...way too point-and-click, no thought.

I went to another one in Jan, and brought a fun/competitive list (mixed Razor-BA). I had a blast, but realized I had missed the mark (too much of a blind-spot) and got rick-rolled by an Ork list. That frustrated me further. Not so much the loss, but the fact that it wasn't even close. I don't lose that egregiously, not very often if at all.

So back to the drawing board, and back to my GK.

I have these wonderful units/models, but eschewed their use in favor of more efficient units.
I want to go back to these great models, but still field something with potency...
Mordrak and his Ghost Knights!

(yeah, I shouldn't have used the flash on this next one...but baby-meltdown has me using what I managed to take)

The list is shaping up in this direction, with play in the points to go in different directions...and a likelihood of replacing some/all of the Henchmen units with GKSS for testing further down the pipe.

5x Ghost Knights (3x NFH, 1x NDH, 1x NFW)
-Venerable Psifleman
-Henchmen (x3)
-Henchmen (x3)
-Henchmen (x3)
-Henchmen (x3)
Chimera(hvy flamer)
-Henchmen (x3)
Chimera(hvy flamer)
-Henchmen (x3)
Chimera(hvy flamer)
-Nemesis Dreadknight
(PT,Hvy Incinerator)
-Nemesis Dreadknight
(PT,Hvy Incinerator)

The Vindicare is a filler, for now, as the tweaks I have put me precisely 145pts shy of 1850pts (he has been a hit-or-miss for me, but on games he hits...he HITS).

Right now, it's a list to deliver my fun units and still (hopefully) put out a beat-down...but at the same time, not be so overwhelming (in the firepower department) that it seems less like a game and more like a desperate race to see how many dice I can throw down in one turn.