Wednesday, August 12, 2009


I know I have sort of stated this in my 'Skinny'/first post, but I wish to re-iterate...
I post my OPINIONS here. I am well read, but not by ANY stretch (hell, most) infallible.

I WANT to be challenged. I WANT to fight about things.

I really do believe that we do NOT learn about our own positions, thoughts, feelings or personal dogma without having them challenged. To be challenged, you do not participate in a mutual ego go at it, fang and nail, club and cestus. We do not learn ourselves by being meek.

I do NOT challenge others strongly just because I can, or that I think they are idiots. I do so because I expect them to 'rise up and slay me' (L.Black paraphrase) or be slain. I expect to learn as much from them, win or lose the debate, than I knew going in. I DO believe we can learn every single time we argue, as long as (no matter how it may appear) we keep an open mind.
I do NOT generally give up and roll over, giving up the ghost on an argument. I EXPECT to be cursed at, and will do so in return. Passion, vehemence and good ole-fashion cussedness...these are the watchwords of a learning person.
I do not believe that we roll over and stop for more than two reasons; Hubris or Comfort. BOTH are bad. Either we think we cannot learn from the person we are arguing with, we think we don't have any more to learn, or we don't want to rock the boat (ours or theirs).
I will fight till I am blue in the face, and look like an idiot, until I really know that I am wrong. Why, because this allows ME to explore every avenue of MY own special viewpoint, my own perspective.
I don't do this to prove someone else wrong/change someone elses' POV all the time...I am doing it for myself too.
If I don't fight it out to the end, I don't see all of my own little fallibilities/moments of RARE genius/arrogance/lack of insight.
If I don't fight it out to the end, I don't know that I actually found that end.

I never pass on a book until I have read it to death. I donate to the library/what have you when I finally have. Why? Because every time I read it I find something new. Well, every time I argue something I find something new.

Thank you for fighting with me, please.... :)

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