Friday, August 14, 2009

And We Wonder...

(Palin, Lies and Right Wing Idiocy)

And we wonder why no one with an ounce of decency really trusts the extreme right?

Now don't get me wrong, we ALL have our own little agendas, and our propoganda. But when you start, before even seeing the framework of the legislation, to start undermining it solely because it is being proposed outside your camp/by a specific hated individual (or smacks of one hated before), then you have proven you are unfit to lead.

You know, I was actually considering McCain prior to Palin joining the ticket...and once again she and her ilk prove I was not wrong.

I know we have our Pelosi, and I really do think Sotomayor(sp) was a mistake, but shebulba this takes the fucking cake.

THIS is why, no matter how much I may agree with some of the fundamental ideals that the Republican party supports, I could never actually join the party. It is the stigma of these individuals that I could not wash my hands of...
'out out damned spot'...I would be thinking that every morning.

PETA/Greenpeace et al may be too much one way (I eat an extra helping of flesh whenever I can, and can't possibly apply enough poison to my lawn, just to compensate for these gits. I am considering clubbing baby seals, but don't know if I need to take it that far) but at least I am just embarassed by them, not utterly shamed.


  1. This is what drives me crazy about our political system. So much is done in spite. Right-Left, they all are F--cked up in my opinion. Imagine how many good things could come from them simply doing the right thing just 50% of the time.

  2. That's how I ended up smack dab in the frikkin middle.
    The last good president we had in office was Bush senior...He actually represented his ideals with as much political integrity as we've seen in a LOOOONG time at that high an office.
    Too bad sonny-boy was gaffed up! (the old man shoulda slapped martha, that was NOT his son!) lol

  3. (whoops, that last was me...someone forgot to log out)