Friday, October 19, 2012

CSM FAQ is up...

and it's anemic...buuut

35 man Plague Zombies are a go (duh).
The Axe of Blind Fury is a go for DPs.
Anything that is MoK restricted can also be taken by Daemons w/MoK as well.
Hellbrute's 5 pts cheaper.

important little (and big) things.
Oh, and terminators are FIXED! :-)

Random 40k grump of the day...

Does anyone else find it bothersome that a Terminator Cyclone gets two shots, and a Dreadnought Missile Launcher only gets one?

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Horus Heresy Book I; Betrayal. A curmudgeon's review.

Okay, to start I have become jaded.  Maybe I've been playing with my toy soldiers too long, maybe I'm too old or maybe a year of infant/toddler induced sleep deprivation has brought an even greater level of curmudgeon-itude to the fore, but this last year has brought me only a little GW joy.
I keep looking for that next 'thing' to bring me back into the fold, bring me a new joy in the sandbox I like to play.
I have become pessimistic in my assessments, more negative than ever in my 'anticipation' of releases and utterly unforgiving in my final analysis'.

I think no more.  It may just have taken Forge World to fix what ails me!

Monday, September 17, 2012

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Batrep Synopsis Bookery RTT 8.18.2012 (first 6e tourney)

 (yeah, it's late...just totally forgot to post the damned thing!)
Batrep 8.18.2012

The tourney was 1850pts, with nearly all the 6e rules in effect.
Only random terrain and random objective rules were omitted.
Forgeworld 40k approved stamp allowed.
My list
Terminator command squad (cyclone/THSS’s/etc)
Terminator squad(cyclone/THSS’s/etc)
Terminator squad(cyclone/THSS’s/etc)
Terminator squad(cyclone/THSS’s/etc)
Terminator squad(cyclone/THSS’s/etc)
Caestus Assault Ram
Land Raider Godhammer

Monday, September 3, 2012

Is it appropriate to teach...

...when you are playing in a Tournament?

Got into this discussion on another blog.  Stelek, over at YTTH , chose to correct an opponent error made at the beginning of his 2nd round NOVA game.
In the comments relating to that game, he was taken to task for 'giving' the game to his opponent. (looking at other factors, I agree it may have contributed to his loss...but may not have actually lost him the game on its own).

When I chimed in, there were a myriad of opinions (and responses to my comment) relating to teaching  during your round.

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Happy Happy, Joy Joy???'s hoping for some serious (or at least a grain) of truth?

Depending on the direction GT's (and local events) take, this could end up being only GW events (whenever we start having those again outside Game's Days)...

But I'm excited.

Especially at the prospect of a Warhammer 30k (series) of codices!  :-)

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

6e ramblings and ruminations...Forgeworld and YOU!!!

-Okay, a thread I started (in my sleep-addled teething-baby induced haze) in my local club's forum.
Regardless of the sleep deprivation making it less than 'professional' in tone, I've been thinking in these terms for upwards of a week+ (around when the rumours really began to consolidate/confirm things).
Nothing has changed my mind, yet.

Okay, I'm about to go off the rail here (and TOTALLY against my prior personal opine, but that was 5e)...

I am of the opinion (currently) that Forgeworld should be
considered for [tournament] play.
*holds hands up defensively about the head* "not the face, not the's how I makes mah money!"

Seriously, though...there are a few considerations.

Monday, July 2, 2012

Well...part deux

I don't know if I'm happy to know it wasn't just me...or utterly disgusted at the magnitude of the SNAFU.

My $.02 addition to his thread follows...

"Take your 'Second Email',
add a dash of TWO hangups, 40(ish) minute wait on the second...and the fact I ordered minutes after they went live on the website (and express shipping).
Yes, I am a little torqued.

I find the lack of attention to detail here...surprising. Regardless of all the complaints that can be leveled at GW for many things, getting the product into your hands (especially a benchmark release like a new ed, or C:SM, release) is not normally one.

I can buy into the 'product incomplete' excuse for the Gamer's Editions, but that should have had NO impact on the Collector's.
I find the complete lack of pro-active correction (assuming truth with the FedEx truck size)very distressing. An order of this magnitude should have had an IMMEDIATE correction (out of contract with UPS/USPS if necessary, and FedEx could not respond)called in.
As these issues arose PRIOR to the barrage of calls they have been receiving today, I also find it amazing that no pre-emptive action was taken to head off the ire that is(has/was/will?) building.

Damage control should have been priority ONE in the Memphis this last weekend, with a plan to handle it that reached out...not reacted.

Canned responses aside, my rep was at least sympathetic. I started out telling him I knew (by both how long I was on hold...twice...and the rumours already flowing) that I wasn't going to rage, I just needed to know 'the deal', and whether I was 'arse out in the wind' with regards to getting the Gamer's Edition(they having run out by the early afternoon on the 23rd).
The relief in his voice at that tone was a confirmation that he'd been through the ringer.

I'll call and actually be 'angry' when the furor dies down, as he could offer me nothing else to assuage my irritation beyond an offer to refund the 16$ for express shipping...after I receive the order.

I go to great lengths to reward my hobby companies, and FLGS's...I never order from online discounters.
With regard's to GW product, I likely will change that pattern now (if I am unable to secure my product from the local haunt).

I know, TLDNR...forgive me my rant. :-)"

Pretty much sums up my current attitude toward the whole shebang.

Saturday, June 30, 2012


I'm a little pissed.
Wife gave me a GW online voucher for Father's that I could order the Gamer's Edition that I really wanted as soon as it was available online.
She was really excited, getting me something fun for my hobby so close to the new edition.
The edition I've been looking forward to a GREAT deal.

Got the confirmation it was shipped on Tuesday.

Mail just got delivered, still nothing.

Looks like I got screwed outta 'release-day' fun!

Shit.  I think I'm really pissed.
I know the wife is.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Grey Knights...the fix

Ok, ruminations.
It may be moot, we have yet to see what 6th brings, but these are the thoughts that rattle around in my melon on occasion.
It may also be done to death by others, everywhere (or at least whined to death about), but when I want to write, I will no matter how timely it may be.

I shelved my GK after my (2nd?) tourney with them.
I credited my performance, in the first event I played them, to lack of my opponents' familiarity with them.  It was clear they were efficient, and potent, but I have to see something in action before I truly make a judgement...and made it I did...

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Batrep Synopsis Bookery RTT 6.16

I went to the RTT at Bookery Fantasy yesterday.
It was a 'farewell to 5th Edition' event, so I chose something outside my recent paradigm.
I went back to the army I played in my last RTT in 4th edition.  A little different, as I had Assault cannons aplenty (as well as more Lightning Claws, and regular terminators) back then...but it cost the same, with the same model count/units.
Belial and the Deathwing return!

-Command Terminators (Narthecium, 3x THSS, LC, Chainfist, Cyclone)
-Terminators (5x THSS, Cyclone)
-Terminators (5x THSS, Cyclone)
-Terminators (4x THSS, Cyclone, Chainfist)
-Terminators (4x THSS, Cyclone, Chainfist)
-Land Raider, Crusader pattern.
-Land Raider, Godhammer patter.

Again, like a fool, I didn't take notes or the lists and specific turn accuracy is likely not precise.  Anyone reading, PLEASE note corrections if you feel so inclined.

+++Astropathic channel open:  07 042 696.M41+++
++Chapter Master Azrael, from Deathwing Master Belial++
+investigation into Consecrators' distress beacon begin+
Upon entry into uncharted system ZZ9 Plural Z Alpha.  Strike cruiser 'Unyielding Blade' (transport; Consecrators' Ravenwing support detachment) found devastated.  Brief clashes with xenos automaton aboard.  Investigation provided little data.  Possible Necrontyr world orbiting dying star.  Adeptus Mechanicum expeditionary force may be below.  Imperial units may be under xenos influence.  Further investigation necessary...rumours of Fallen possibly bait for Consecrators.  Hulk of 'Unyielding Blade' cleansed with magma warheads.  Bringing BattleBarge 'Sword of Caliban' into orbit under minimum power.  Passive Augers activated from orbit.
  +to yield to panic is to abandon The Lion+
+++Astopathic channel closed+++

The Good, the Bad and the... Ugly.  (I gotta find somewhere to really gripe about, last couple of events I've gone to haven't granted me curmudgeonly fodder)

So I went to a tournament at the Bookery Fantasy in Fairborn this weekend.
It was billed as a 'Farewell to 5th' event.  As this is likely to be my last tourney played in the current edition, and my spawn is likely to prevent me from playing a great deal from here until the 6e release, the name was entirely appropriate.
I will be trying to make the Buckeye Battles GT in July, but that is an event that allows Forgeworld...and a hobby-centric event (NOT a dirty word, just a very different flavor), so I am not counting that one.
As far as list ruminations and such, I will hold that off for the 'bat-rep synopses' and just focus on the event and venue.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

And the winner is....

NOT ME! :-)

Well, things have devolved into bat/event-reps I see.
Baby ate my brain, and it seems like every time I sit down to write speculatively/introspectively, I run out of energy (or lose the thoughts I have been mulling over through the week).
Ah well, such is the life of a filthy procreator!

I had the opportunity to go to an club-tourney this weekend, and as per the norm I had a blast with these guys!
I've been doing what I can to play outside the box, of late...GK/SW bored me to tears, Necrons are lacking something for me(not the least of which are some models I really WANT) and after 'Ard Boyz(may ye rest in peace) last year I haven't had the motivation to dust off the pointy-eared fetish-freaks of doom but once or twice(I know, I shall be flogged...and Khaine willing, when we reach Commorrhag, I shall be flogged again).

So, flitting about in my haze of 40k ennui, I've revisited a few past armies I seem to always enjoy...and started tweaking them a bit.
For yesterday's tourney, I returned to my Blood Angels...or, my Blood Wing.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Batrep from the Sunshine State!

Okay, so I scrambled down to Florida to introduce the new 'spawn' to her mom's family.
Just on the off chance I'd be able to break away, I grabbed a low-model count GK force to play.
I managed to, and was able to get a game in with an old friend at my old store.
We were both being experimental, playing lists neither of us had fleshed out.
It was great to play a game that had NOTHING to do with the tourney mindset. With limited time resources, I've been getting too far away from those types of games in the recent past.
So, on with the show(?).

My list;
(5x Ghost Knights: w/1x hammer, 2x halberds)
-5x Paladins (psycannon, hammer[mc], 2x Halberd, Narthecium, NWS)
-Venerable Dreadnought (2x Autocannon+psibolt)
-5x GKSS (hammer[mc], psycannon)
-5x GKSS (hammer[mc], psycannon)
-10x Interceptors (hammer[mc], 2x psycannon, 2x halberd)
-Dreadnought (2x autocannon+psibolt)
-Nemesis Dreadknight (teleporter, hvy incinerator)
-Nemesis Dreadknight (teleporter, hvy incinerator)
(I wanted the list to be 'pure' GK, nothing but hoofin-it holy-rolling paladins of the 40k ooni-verse!)

His list;(from memory...can't seem to not lose a list when someone gives it to me, dammit!)
-Rune Priest (JOtWW,???)**
-6x Wolf Guard Pack (one in PA[@@], the rest are terminators. at least one SS, a cyclone[##] and some combi-weapons).
Drop Pod
-9x Grey Hunters (PFist, Meltagun, Wolf Standard)**
Drop Pod
-10x Grey Hunters (PFist, 2xMeltagun, Wolf Standard)
Drop Pod
-10x Grey Hunters (PFist, 2xplasma gun, Wolf Standard)
Drop Pod
-15x Blood Claws (flamer, meltagun)@@
-6x Long Fangs (5x Missile Launchers)##
Razorback (twin-linked lascannon)
Land Raider Crusader
(note; attached elements are marked per **,##,@@)

Mission, Capture and Control (despite people's complaints of 'auto-tie', I have grown enamored of this mission).
Deployment, Spearhead (meh, deployment is...)

He won the roll for first, and deferred.
I chose the corner to my left as dep-zone. I rolled a '6' for Grand Strategy and made the interceptors, a Dreadknight and the Paladins scoring.
My deployment was roughly this (after 1st turn movement, which wasn't much...reserving the interceptors).

-Turn 1;
I shuffled/'ported forward a bit, ducked into terrain with the GKSS's and warp-quaked.

He then podded in central (with pods behind the building in center of the table) with 2 GH squads, pushing forward the Runepriest unit to JOtWW (both, it turns out) a Dreadknight and plasma it as well.
Turns out, the +1 to the MC roll saved both of them (rolled a 5 on each). The lead DK took a wound from bolter fire.

-Turn 2;
Warpquake again, failing with my leftmost unit.
Interceptors arrive (dammit, wanted them turn 3/4). I combat squad them, putting the shooting unit (dbl psycannon) into my backfield for support and running the cc element (dbl halberd/hammer) up the right edge with a shunt, hoping to bait his incoming reserve assets.
I hopped the lead dreadknight into assault range of the Runepriest and his unit, shifted my paladins and Psiflemen to the left (to open up on said target unit) and brought the other dreadknight up the center to shoot with/back up the lead DK. Mordrak+Knights, and a GKSS squad, came up on my right around the central building.
after all the shooting was finished, he had 4 GH and the runepriest remaining. I figured that was safe to assault with the DK, and did so...wiping out the unit+priest (taking no wounds in return, PFist fail). I then consolidated behind his drop-pod.

On his turn, EVERYTHING came in. Longfangs walked on central to his dep-zone for Cyclone shots, razorback came in to their right as a block/cover for them. Podded units dropped to engage the interceptors and lead DK (bait taken). Bloodclaws in LRC rolled up onto his objective AND to range in on interceptors.
After his fire, my lead DK is down to one wound and my 'bait' unit is wiped...that's all folks!

Turn 3;
I bring my paladins and dreads further up and away from my dep zone into his right flank. The lead DK hops forward toward his termies. My 'fresh' DK comes around my right side of the central building along with mordrak as my shooty interceptors join them. One GKSS squad secures my home objective, while the other gets set to storm the building's roof and set up a firebase.
Shooting nets a terminator or two, and the Longfang squad-leader. His remaining 1st turn GH squad is wiped with Psycannon and Stormbolter fire (running offtable with the few remaining...leadership rolls will NOT be kind to him this game). Psiflemen manage to stun the Razor.
I assault the termies with my wounded DK, taking them down to 2. His return swings send it packing.

He braces with the 'fangs for fire, moves the GH squad that wiped my interceptors into their cover, and brings the LRC (with load) into his 'gap' (between drop pods) to block my easy-avenue to his home objective.
His fire does little to my force, dropping an odd interceptor and reducing my remaining DK down to 1 wound (with bolter-fire again). No assaults this turn.

Turns 4,5 and 6;
I establish a firebase with my lead GKSS squad, adding to weight of fire. Paladins begin to lead the charge into the right flank of his dep-zone while Mordrak+Knights push into his left. Pressure forces his Bloodclaws and remaining GHs back. Fire forces his Longfangs to run off-table and wipes his remaining GHs out. Wolfguard Termies die to volume psycannon/Stormbolter fire. Razorback immobilized and gunless by Psifleman fire. By the end of turn 6, he's tucked into his corner with the LRC and Bloodclaws trying to park his objective.

Turn 7;
He commited the sin bottom of turn 5, he disembarked to wipe my DK and Interceptors (who threatened to contest his home objective) with his Bloodclaws. Not only did that expose him to fire, but he failed to wipe them quickly enough.
Top of 7, I unloaded on them...and they ran...11 inches, and off the table. And THAT was game!

(the game was terribly one-sided with the die rolls, I must mention. He failed nearly every morale test he was forced to take, was only successful with one of his counter-attack ldr rolls AND my first two turns of die rolling was so hot that I switched dice sets to mitigate...and proceeded to still roll above average, though not as obscenely. My only poor rolling was basic Dreadknight saves vs bolterfire. Truly, the Emperor protects his chosen sons)

7 turns of grand fun, though conditions didn't allow me to truly utilize Mordrak's abilities, AND I forgot psychic communion (which I could have used to attempt to delay my interceptors).
Even with that error, things couldn't have gone much better.

Neither of us were playing optimized lists by any stretch, nor was the terrain particularly thick, but it was fun and grinding regardless!

Sunday, March 18, 2012

March 17th EGC RTT Result Synopsis

Ok, so I winged it…
Had been waffling about going for the last week, and decided at the last minute (night before) to go.
Finalized my list the morning of (with a quick shift of things 15 min before leaving).
My list;
-Overlord(Warscythe, Phase Shifter, Tachyon Arrow)
Catacomb Command Barge
-Overlord(Warscythe, Phase Shifter, Tachyon Arrow)
Catacomb Command Barge
-Court 1 (3 destruction-teks/1 pulse, Lord/Warscythe+Mindshackle)
-Court 2 (3 destruction-teks/1 pulse, Lord/Warscythe+Mindshackle)

-Warriors x7
Ghost Ark
-Warriors x7
Ghost Ark
-Tesla-mmortals x5
Night Scythe
-Tesla-mmortals x5
Night Scythe

-Annihilation Barge(Gauss Cannon)
-Annihilation Barge(Gauss Cannon)
(the point behind the list, test a number of units for viability WITHOUT any of the ‘tricksy’ stuff in the codex. Combos can be intentionally stymied, or simply run afoul of their counters…I needed to see holes that I ‘missed’, confirm issues I suspected and confirm viability of units ‘in a vacuum’)

All missions were Adepticon missions.

Round 1;
My opponent…Necrons. (I hate civil wars).
His list(from memory, he didn’t have a copy to share permanently).
10x Warriors
10x Warriors
9x Warriors (Ghost Ark)
9x Warriors (Ghost Ark)
5x Destroyers (2x hvy)
5x Scarabs
5x Scarabs
Annihilation Barge
Annihilation Barge
Annihilation Barge
(turns out, he had the same things in mind. Yayyy for a game where both players are just plain refusing to die!!!)
Kill points, Table Quarters, Table Center

He won the roll to go first.
-He ground forward, I pulsed first turn. Nothing was in range for him.
I shifted left, fired. I dropped a standard destroyer with an Anni-barge.
-He ground forward further on turn two, shifting to his two outlying quarters and took advantage of a ‘no-pulse’ turn but only managed a stunned A-barge and immobilized scythe.
I returned fire (while further shifting to my left, after living metal let me ‘flee’ with the A-barge). I killed one of his A-barges and successfully stunned a Ghost Ark.
-I pulsed on his turn three, forcing his Destoyers into close range to fire. Nothing else of his really had a chance to shoot. Destroyers successfully shook the other A-barge.
I dropped his Destroyers to a man (after disembarking the Tesla-Mortals with tek+lord, from the immobile scythe).
-Turn 4 stripped some broadsides from my lead Ghost ark, and then I went and started the ‘whack-a-mole’ game.
-It went to turn 6, with me finishing off all his barges with ‘whackamole-lords’ and using the last mobile scythe to contest a quarter.

I won KP, Quarters and Table Center…while netting a very minimal number of VP’s. Definitely a grinding game.
Scythes gave me tempo control, but fired infrequently.
Cat-Barges definitely let me feel more confident, but needed something…more?...against his army.

-Round 2
Opponent’s List (ML-Josh M) from memory-Blood Angels;
Sang Priest(JP)
Sang Priest(JP)
(5?)10 man RAS with dbl melta and Pfists or Pweapons
Attk Bike(mm)
Attk Bike(mm)
(3) 5 man missile devs

Kill points, Objective(5), Marked Unit

Okay, so I wussed out on this one.
Glaring hole (that I missed) #1…massive MOBILE melta with FNP.
The high number of MEQ backed by FNP, yeah…Tesla no-likey!!!
He marked one of my Scythes (which, upon further reflection, he couldn’t do because of the ‘no ded-port’ restriction…but we both missed that, so meh!) 
I reserved it empty.
I won roll, chose to go second.
After his deployment, I castled in an opposite corner from his devastator-star (building that gave him maximum range+LOS), and then seized the initiative.
We ‘played’ for 5 turns…and by played, I mean I hid like a little bi!@#…and he sniped. I got a KP right off (turn 2) from an attk bike, and was willing to settle in for a slight advantage.
He was concerned enough about an unfamiliar enemy army, and underestimated the threat he posed to me. He didn’t jump into my face, but played the waiting game hoping for a mistake…no fear, I delivered one to him on a silver platter! :-D
Turn 6, with both of us frustrated at no action (sometimes, conservative play may be smart…but can damned sure be dull…I blame my cowardly overlords), I stuck my nose out to contest objective count (hoping to eek out a slight win)…and barely underestimated a few range 6” breaks…and promptly had said ‘nose’ chopped off.

Until that last turn, it was a dull game (still with a fun opponent).
Last turn it wasn’t dull, but it was fun (for the filthy Chaos pla…I mean BA player!) ;-)

Josh wins;
KP, Objectives.
With a solid victory though, he still only managed approx 300VP off of the army.

-Round 3
Opponent’s List (ML-Jason) from memory-Black Templars;
Marshal (terminator/Storm Shield)
Chaplain(terminator/Cenobite Servitors)
Emp Champ
Terminator Unit (dbl Cyclone)

Big Blob unit (4x scouts, melta/pfist)
Big Blob unit (4x scouts, melta/pfist)
5x las/plas squad
5x las/plas squad
5x las/plas squad
5x plasmacannon/melta squad
5x plasmacannon/melta squad

Kill points, Objective(6);
2nd and 3rd victory conditions were based on placement of objectives in dep zones. 2nd VC was controlling more of the objectives in your opponent’s dep zone(3 of them), 3rd was controlling more of them in your own.
DoW (thank gawdz, never seem to see this one often enough).

I won the roll, and deferred.
He deployed one initiate blob, and the termies. We both forgot 1+1, and he had the ICs joined to the termies. No big, it happens…I just saw terminators, and wasn’t thinking. He was playing a wholly different list than he is accustomed to, and just deployed by reflex. I did not attempt to seize, and kept everything off table. His deployment put the blob, and termies, up the middle in order to drive toward my dep-zone objectives right off the bat.

-He walked on his turn one, spreading out to maximize his Las/Plas squad’s fire windows. Terrain was sparse, so the spread (and 48” ranges) were going to give him maximum coverage. He hasn’t had much exposure to the new ‘crons, and wasn’t taking into consideration the Solar Pulses. He ran termies and blob-1 deeper into my dep-zone.
I drove forward max-speed up my left table edge, hugging the ‘wall’ as tightly as possible. Flat-out on my CCBs.
-His turn two, I pulsed…he cursed (with a smile). He managed to get off 3 shots. One was bounced by a flat-out save, two came up as penetrations (against the same Ghost Ark) that he then rolled 1’s on and I promptly living-metal saved away…but had to hide that Ghost Ark for the rest of the game. He ran blob-1 to within scoring range of one of my home objectives…run rolls were good for him!
I flat out-ed the two CCBs over a las/plas 5 man, and took out two (including the Lascannon). Fire from ABarges further reduced the unit. I moved the Scythes flat out up the edge into his far corner.
-His turn 3 I pulsed again, he cursed again. He managed range on a scythe, which he wrecked. I forgot the ‘back in reserves’ rule here, and deployed from the wreck. New mechanics got me…wish I’d remembered, it would have given me a contesting unit for later in the game. All other fire was either bounced off flat-out saves (CCBs), or glances that came up 1’s and were living-metal saved away.
I played whack-a-mole across another unit, getting my CCBs into the center of his back edge (and netting another lascannon). Fire from Abarges annihilated the remnants of that unit, and fire from onboard Warriors/Scythe crippled another.
-Turn 4 saw so much of his fire reduced, that I didn’t really miss the pulses. He secured two of my objectives, I cleared and secured all but one of his.
-Turn 5 and 6 was cleanup. More fire that was bounced from him (never lost another vehicle, or Quantum Shielding), and more Whack-a-Mole with the CCBs. At the end (which was turn 6), I had re-contested one of my Dep-zone objectives, and scored all of his.
Me by KP and VC #1, he scored VC#2.

Overall, I got what I wanted/needed.

1st, 3 fun opponents/games.
I’ve had little opportunity for such in the last few months. In fact, the last time I played was the January EGC. I have a tendency to forget the brotherhood that can be found on the tabletop, and needed the reconnection with my hobby and friends.
2nd, playing outside the box.
I needed to get away from the 3+ paradigm for a bit, and funky-xenos armies are usually my favorite route to go for that.
3rd, finding my weak-points.
I did that, in abundance.
(with all my games ending on turn 6, I got what I consider the ‘ideal’ number of turns for testing each time)

I found I built for the current Mech-meta out of reflex. I wasn’t thinking about it per-se, but when my second and third opponent’s had NO vehicles I found myself wondering ‘what the hell am I going to do with all these anti-vehicle toys???’

Glaring weaknesses and success stories.
I am VERY glad I played against two MEQ foot lists, one very mobile with melta-spam.
It pointed out some issues, not least amongst them is difficulty dealing with a T-4 base FNP. Tesla Destructors will deal with T-3 FNP all day, but once I hit that T-4 range, I was screwed…screwed enough to produce a very dull game for poor Josh M. Coupled with his lack of understanding of the innate advantage he had, my castling made game two almost not worth him un-assing all his models. Fortunately, though nearly bored into unconsciousness until turn 5/6, he pulled a win out…so it wasn’t a total waste! 
Melta is VERY punishing to AV-13 Open Top…VERY. I knew this going in, but sometimes you really need to see it in action to drive the point home.
Bubble wrap…cripes, Necrons need it.
Tricks. I intentionally went in with no ‘tricks’ (a pair of solar pulses were my only concession to the tricksy-crons…and that was only the pair that insures ‘crons don’t fold to an IG/GK/Krak-Fang alpha strike). I said it with the advent of the ‘dex, they are a warmahordes/MTG style army. They NEED tricks/combos/synergy more than most armies. Ok, cool. I now accept it on a fundamental level. It bothers me a bit, because I don’t like being forced (so to speak) to play certain styles/builds/units…but if I am going to choose to pick up the tool, I have to learn how to use it or quit whining (and boy, can I whine).
Transports are expensive in this army, stoopeed expensive. Again, I knew this…but building lists for these guys just beats it over my head every time. BUT, this also gives me some further clues into 6e (assuming Necrons aren’t going to be the truly-gimped edition-crossover codex). I don’t think they are a waste, but it pushes the transport+unit paradigm in a different/new direction. This is GOOD for the meta, and the game as a whole…and with tuning, I think this may wind up being the best mech+foot hybrid army currently available.
Scythes+Arks is NOT very synergistic (not a total fail yet, but not complimentary). Again, something I suspected going in…but application proves or disproves theory. I consistently found myself trying to figure out how to chase my scythes with non-fast Ark/Barge pairings, or protect my vulnerable scythes as they presented easier/softer targets than my Arks. NEVER present your opponent with an easy choice, and utilizing those vehicles together can/does.

Catacomb Command barges. They can be stymied, but jeebus they pay out when they aren’t.
Game 1, they accounted for my highest percentage of vehicle damage/kills.
Game 2, they couldn’t get close enough to the melta-spam to pay out, but they threatened enough to manage movement a bit.
Game 3, they crippled an armies ability to engage me at range…or keep the range open.
I can see a singleton being nothing but a counter element, and don’t think it would be great in that role…but a pair of F#@^-Lords on barges playing whack-a-mole is very nice! Now to stop wasting points on;
Tachyon arrows…grrr. Wanted to play with them, did, and regretted it almost from the git-go. Missed with EVERY shot all three games. Discard! To get use out of them, I would need to face a mech opponent…WITH decent tank(s)…and probably pair them with a Chrono-tek. Okay, not happening…NEXT!
Courts. Not really much to say here, they rock…even without mechanized opponents in two of my games, I knew going in they were going to stay in my lists…and no change there.
TESLAAAAAAA! Love the exploding d6 mechanic. Again, something I liked already…but confirmation of a positive bias is always nice. I am still iffy on Anni-Barges. Average first game, nearly useless game two, but exploderpated everything they even looked at game 3. Iffy in the sense that I don’t think they are a panacea, and likely won’t field 3 of them consistently, but 2 did the job when needed. Again, I had a problem with FNP T-4+ units, but really a threat to everything else a-foot…and HOPING that someday I manage to face an AV-11 mobile force to check their damage output there. I DID keep forgetting to check the whole d6 Arc rule (after game 1), so that may be skewing my perception a bit negatively.

I have to bow to convention. I think I need either Scarabs or Wraiths. GAH, I hate that…I like choices, not choices to accept weakness.
I am going to try a few other avenues first, though.

Damn, yesterday was FUN!

(oh, came in 7th even after that terrible game-2 showing…and still had a flarkin BLAST!)

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Confusing Interceptor?

so I look at my interceptors (one finished unit, another just built) and I like the idea of more 'compact' weaponry.
I know it's applying logic to a fantasy environment, but jump/teleport units seem to need something a bit more manageable.

So I took the falchions, and utilized only one to represent NFW's on my sword-toting dudeages.
I'm just curious to know if people think this would be too confusing on the table, or if having only the one hand wielding it (as opposed to the pair) would deliver the message while NOT violating (the majority of people's perception of) WYSIWYG?

(I also realized that I can also put a small magnet on a thigh and one of the sheathed combat blades from a LS Storm's scout bits sprue to turn these guys into dual purpose representations)

If this works out (aesthetically, after painting) I'll have to grab a box or two for converting shorter halberds. No idea yet for the psycannon, but they're not wielding two weapons so that may be a logical wash. I'll leave the hammers 'as is'...the Sgt. should be a special type of bad-arse!

Friday, February 17, 2012

When good blogs go bad...

when a Blog gets too big for its britches, tripe can occasionally come flowing out.

Recently, an article appeared on a Blog nearly everyone knows referencing vehicle movement and how one writer doesn't...well... like the actual rules, apparently.

It was an entire video on how an accepted movement convention was 'illegal'.
The video, following article (and days worth of argumentative thread within said post) continued to support the position that anyone who supported this movement convention is 'cheating'.
Though not spoken with every line, or argument against, the clear intent was there...and the word was bandied about more than once.

That's a harsh word to throw out in print. Quite a bit of harsh, when referencing how (at least in my neck of the woods...which involves a tri-state area, some further traveling, and a larger pool of friends about the nation) everyone I know plays.
Condescending when considering it is being stated in near absolutes with little room for disagreement, instead of discussion of how the writer feels the general public may be 'off the mark' and needs to discuss the possibility that the rules should be looked at with a fresh eye.

The verbal meandering I have just finished has a point, of sorts...but also assumes the reader understands(has read) the post/article/video I am referring to.

Suffice it to say, the argument arose from deployment tactics based on this rule;
BRB pg 57, last paragraph left column;
"Vehicles turn by pivoting on the spot about their centre-point, rather than 'wheeling' round. Turning does not reduce the vehicles move...."

You deploy, on the line (let's assume 'pitched battle') broadside. On your first turn, you pivot and charge. Simple, yes? For some units, this garners an additional few inches. For open topped transports, it forces your opponent to deploy a little shallower to avoid potential first turn charges.
Honestly, it is a method to manage your opponent's deployment a little. Not immensely, but a little. Throughout the game, it also makes your opponent give a slightly wider birth to units...again, forcing greater thought about maneuver.

It's been a VERY long time since I have even seen this argument come up (years).
I really thought it was 'all cleared up' within the community.
Yet here we are, in the twilight of 5e, and it's stirred up a shite-storm on one of the 'biggest' blogs out there,
and that's having a ripple effect across other forums...and lending credence to 'arguments' from those that never really liked the fact that the rules functioned in a fashion that they disagree with (generally with a 'but it never worked/shouldn't work/RAI isn't' kind of flippancy).

So, twofold query...for those that actually read me out here ;-)

A) does anyone I know think that this is an illegal maneuver (the aforementioned deployment/pivot tactic)? I really want to know if it's just my 'pool' that accepts this with little/no misunderstanding

B) if you are a 'Big online Light, Shining' in the internet blogosphere, are you obligated to edit/manage your postings clearly in order to insure your larger reader base is not misled by less/incorrectly informed meanderings?


Sunday, February 5, 2012

Long time, no type!

Okay, so wow...I thought I was busy before, but I haven't had a moment to sit down and type...until I looked at my blog(wasteland) and saw, NOTHING for January.
I had a desire to get in something every week or two, and instead I missed a whole bloody month.
The Baby rocks, but wow does time fly now.

So, frustration abounds.
I don't have time for pick-up/friendly games it seems, so I've been attending only tournaments (and not many at that, won't even be making one in Feb at all probably).
I grew frustrated with the GK incarnation I had settled on sometime in Nov/Dec, after a tournament in Cincy...way too point-and-click, no thought.

I went to another one in Jan, and brought a fun/competitive list (mixed Razor-BA). I had a blast, but realized I had missed the mark (too much of a blind-spot) and got rick-rolled by an Ork list. That frustrated me further. Not so much the loss, but the fact that it wasn't even close. I don't lose that egregiously, not very often if at all.

So back to the drawing board, and back to my GK.

I have these wonderful units/models, but eschewed their use in favor of more efficient units.
I want to go back to these great models, but still field something with potency...
Mordrak and his Ghost Knights!

(yeah, I shouldn't have used the flash on this next one...but baby-meltdown has me using what I managed to take)

The list is shaping up in this direction, with play in the points to go in different directions...and a likelihood of replacing some/all of the Henchmen units with GKSS for testing further down the pipe.

5x Ghost Knights (3x NFH, 1x NDH, 1x NFW)
-Venerable Psifleman
-Henchmen (x3)
-Henchmen (x3)
-Henchmen (x3)
-Henchmen (x3)
Chimera(hvy flamer)
-Henchmen (x3)
Chimera(hvy flamer)
-Henchmen (x3)
Chimera(hvy flamer)
-Nemesis Dreadknight
(PT,Hvy Incinerator)
-Nemesis Dreadknight
(PT,Hvy Incinerator)

The Vindicare is a filler, for now, as the tweaks I have put me precisely 145pts shy of 1850pts (he has been a hit-or-miss for me, but on games he hits...he HITS).

Right now, it's a list to deliver my fun units and still (hopefully) put out a beat-down...but at the same time, not be so overwhelming (in the firepower department) that it seems less like a game and more like a desperate race to see how many dice I can throw down in one turn.