Thursday, August 20, 2009

History Lessons Needed for the common people!

Nazi Party WTF?

This is an Op-Ed in the Dayton Daily News(from Leonard Pitts Jr.) today. It reflects something I was thinking...and is more eloquently written, frankly, than I could have after running it through my Rage-Filter when I saw a few things about Obama and Nazi Party/Hitler comparisons.

It makes me, well hurt...
Obama was not MY candidate, but neither was McCain... As much vitriol as I have within me toward Palin, I would never (outside of true jest) say this about even her (and wouldn't believe it either).

Do people not understand that they are comparing this man, this man who ran for an office that could get him killed for his ideals and beliefs that we (his countrymen-women) are worth that improve our condition in the way he sees fit...cannot possibly be compared to one of the most evil men in human history?

The Nazis, Hitler etc...these people made Vlad the Impaler seem like a good neighbor...Pol Pot(sp?) aspired to these levels of hatred...his mass killings were as much from disdain and apathy as active pure hatred for a population (and let's not forget, it's not just the Jews's everyone that didn't fit).

It's scary...I love my country, I don't want to move. I also am afraid of what we're becoming.
Over health care, there have been more comparisons of Nazis/Hitler to our current president than there was for our last over a WAR and TORTURE.

That hurts...that actually burns the rage out and replaces it with pain. Pain that my own country cannot recognize that a MAN who would have been put into gas chambers as well (if he lived that long) is just trying to do right by us in his own way...Not wipe out entire demographics for his own demogaguery.


CBS Video (watch this)

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