Sunday, August 9, 2009


so...I've decided that I have so much crap to say (regardless of the willingness of my audience) that I am going to say it...and say it...and say it.

You are here for one of a few reasons;
a) I invited means you are one of those few people out there that I consider a human being, not just sheep or an animal
b) you are a friend from facebook...the same applies as above
c) you stumbled onto me somehow, and actually took 30 seconds to read this...

I am not omniscient...I AM well read
I am not perfect, but I DO question myself and views constantly
I AM cocky, a little arrogant and definitely opinionated...
I AM a little foulmouthed and VERY powerful in my personal expression.

If you have been invited, I expect that you know me better than most. In knowing this, you should be prepared. If you disagree with me here, I will love you for it and attack you at the same time. DO NOT TAKE ANYTHING PERSONALLY...I will not, no matter how you may think I take it. I expect to be challenged, and I do not expect it to be polite all the time.
I will appreciate viewpoints, and share them.

This will be a blog about all matters great and small. If a post does not apply to you, don't troll please, just move on to the next one.

If you are into games, jump on in...if you are into politics, jump on in...if you regurgitate shite that you heard or a mantra you have clung desperately to throughout the years without re-evaluation, don't bother I will call you out.

Love you all, let's have fun...
(and if my poetry sucks, please say so...cause alot of that will go on here in the long run)

Me :)

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