Sunday, August 9, 2009


The soft tap tapping on the window
Presages a night of humid tussling
Legs entwined, fighting with covers
Windows closed against the wet
Air moving with desperation
To cool its loving supplicants
Sleep comes in fits
As sweat coats sheet and flesh
Eyes flutter open and closed
Breathing loud in small cramped room
Sleep leaves on the hour
Until two bodies, clinging
Despite the mutual heat and discomfort
Finally wake together.
Eyes meet, frustration turns to
Childlike giggles�
Waffle house calls, the late night urge
Walking in the drizzle, harder rain
But a short drive away
Hushed talk of meaning of life
Universe, and gelato
Over cheap coffee, cheaper waffles
And priceless time shared.
Soaked cigarette limp in mouth
Walk to car hand in hand.
Stop, see the sky-city glow in clouds.
Walk away, simple comforts of car not wanted
Woods call, grass calls, life calls
Soaked, warm summer night rain
Washing away the drudgery of life
Everyday toils and troubles
Forgotten in wash of nature�s caress
Deluge of work and onus of bonds
Eclipsed by simple touch of hands
And simple sound of silence
Eyes meet again, childlike innocence
Forgotten in yearning love
Gentle touch of lips,
Reaching out to touch
A kiss in the rain
A touch of the soul
A moment never left
A lifetime never lost
A dream to never leave

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