Sunday, June 19, 2011

Battle Points...and other discourse...

I played in an RTT yesterday.

I won't go into pairings, or scenarios...these were separate to the issue I had with BP scoring.

I don't like all. :)

I took third place, in this RTT, and I LOST my first game.
The scoring was the all.

I lost game 1, with scoring that netted my opponent full BPs after my concession.
Those totalled 8.
I netted 2 points.
My second game, I pulled 8 points, my opponent 2.
My third game, apparently, allowed for the possibility of somewhere in the neighborhood of 16(?) pts max. And I tabled my foe, honestly without just happened (and the first time I have ever tabled someone in tourney).

problem the 1st...consistency.

When developing an event around BPs, EVERY round should score precisely the same.
If there isn't a scoring method that is consistent between rounds, a single favorable pairing (be it RPS matchup, or skill level, or simply scenario favor) towards the end can significantly skew results.

problem the 2nd...transparency.

When putting scenarios to paper, ALL scoring must be 100% clear and concise.
In the first two scenarios, it appeared as though you could acquire bonus points beyond the 8 for a win, 2 for a loss (etc etc).
Yet after round 2 was over, we discovered that the 'bonus points' were actually a sliding scale of score based on various factors. Thus, all rounds were adjusted to scores of 2, 4(?) or 8.
After round three, we were informed THAT round's points were cumulative. If memory serves, that round could net you somewhere around 16 pts by that scoring method.
This meant we ALL played round 3 with 8 points in mind. Few players played for other victory conditions, just shooting for the primary (KP advantage).
I don't think anyone else tabled an opponent in round three but myself, and in doing so I MORE than doubled my total ONE round??? That sounds like a comment to 'problem the first', but it's more a problem of transparency. If other (better placed players) had played 'balls to the walls' to table, they would likely have scored enough to put me out of top 3.

Problem the 3rd...nerfing round 1

I did this...wholly unintentionally, but I did. NOT the way I would have set it up (had it been intent), but I did.
This is the concept of taking a minor win/minor loss round 1 in order to insure favorable pairings throughout the rest of an event. Afterward, if running a hyper-effecient list or simply being a high-speed player, you should find yourself seeding against opponents with slightly weaker lists/skill.
It relies on pulling a more manageable opponent round 1, but it happens often.

This sort of shenanigans was the main motivating factor behind me expanding points spreads/going to win loss with seeding bonus points.

Problem the 4th...points spread.

It's simple, and does not need much expounding.
The greater the points potential/spread between win/loss and bonus points OPENS UP THE FIELD.
When running BPs, you need at least a 10 pt gap between a massacre and being massacred.
That, (combined with bonus points for various advantage, superior play or secondary objectives) 'nerfs' the advantage for first round nerfing AND creates a more accurate seeding for round 2.

I don't feel totally 'clean' with my results from yesterday, and credit the 3rd round scoring directly for that placement...

But I did take the product, in this crazy economy we have!!! :)

YTTH Ard Boyz challenge...

it isn't what I would have built for myself, but I've chosen to follow the 'Ard Boyz challenge from YTTH.

I've been enamored of Dark Angels (shifting to Deathwing/Doublewing as those armies developed) since Rogue Trader.
Though the list doesn't capitalize as much on mixed firepower/THSS units, it does compensate for the weaknesses I normally accept as a given in the DW based builds I run.
(his Ard Boyz list; )

As I like playing outside my normal spread for some events, I'm picking up and running with Stelek's take on 2500pts of DA doom!

Looking at it, the list has it's own all older, short-legged codexes do...but he's filled in the gaps nicely.
My love for THSS models regularly dinks my ability to deal with volume/hordes/exposed infantry.
With only 5 man squads, the THSS assault does NOT compensate often enough (as was re-emphasized with yesterday's RTT). ESPECIALLY when that assault is against dedicated horde/volume assault elements. Hell, it even fell down against 5-6 man grey hunters (without power weapons) a few times.

As it still revolves around terminators, specifically SCORING terminators, I think I will still have a great deal of fun running it...
and who knows, maybe I will actually get to PRACTICE with it, before the event, this year! :)

Monday, June 13, 2011


so finally with the GK love...or at least repair. :)

No real surprises from my end, I was certain of all the 'major' clarifications but for one. My thoughts on the biggies (ie;not blatant)were as follows;

What counts as daemons? Well, obviously...Daemons! The inclusion of Oblits (etc) may be a surprise to some, but I was expecting that list. Mandrakes, on the other hand, actually lends a depth to their fluff that I was NOT expecting (though again, by fluff, it makes a confirmation of DE depravity if nothing else).

'dex uber BRB, dreads can score...simple.

A dink on the scout v shunt, as in you cannot do it...balance issue only, as far as I can see. If you can turbo-boost, you should be able to shunt...but again, I expected it from a balance perspective. Doesn't make 1st turn assaults impossible, just more difficult to employ/easier to stymie.

The BIGGEST one (IMHO), NO...taking Coteaz does NOT give you unlimited henchmen units. Common sense, if you ask me, but I'm not a GW employee so you never know! :)

Str 6 dreadknights without a Daemon Hammer. I was not sure how this one was going to land, to be honest. It makes sense, or the Hammer seems useless. I just don't get the need to add the 'doomfist' as wargear...beyond making it a Force Weapon wielder.

Falchions. Seriously guys, did you SERIOUSLY think they were going to give you +2 attacks? The wargear entry was clear, a pair = +1 attack. GAH! Read words, don't read INTO them! :)

And totally out of left field, nearly all the Tau weaponry count as plasma? Fluff memory fails me, but I didn't think they were? Oh well, at least you won't see syphons often.

I did miss an addressing of 'Crucible of Malediction' vs 'Psychic Pilot', and was surprised that no query came up of 'Psychic Communion' being used off table...but meh.

Overall, I was VERY pleased with this FAQ. It was not a nerf, it was not a rewrite, it was a redress. Coupled with clarifications in the new BRB FAQ (the big one there being, no casting of the same p-power by the same psyker in the same turn), the new Grey Knights did not get a bump over the top, nor did they take a hit I did not foresee...bravo GW!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Product Review Forgeworld Preheresy Assault Marines

Greetings all. I don't know about you, but my resin addiction is climbing to whole new levels with the preheresy kits Forgeworld's been churning out lately. So, naturally when they sent out the newsletter with the assault marines, I nearly warped time in my haste to hit the "buy now" button.

Monday, last week, the first set showed up, and yesterday I finally had time to take them out and look at what I'd spent my hard earned wages upon. Pictures below, but first, commentary.

Overall quality is about what I'd expect from Forgeworld at this point, the casts, with one notable exception, are clear, crisp, and have lovely amounts of detail to lengthen the prepping and painting process. This batch lacks the mold residue that's been common lately. They weren't in the least bit shiny, or slick to the touch. The photos will reflect this, as they were take directly out of the packaging, no washing or assembly has taken place so far.

Overall, I'm incredibly pleased with the figs.

Down checks are the normal amount of mold flash, and the hands, arms, and weapons for the figs. I appreciate the versatility provided by the hands being separate from the arms. It's going to allow for a great deal of customization. The potential for dynamic poses is great. I am, however, not enamored of the pinning process that may be necessary. Glue, and cheaters pins might be sufficient though.

For reference what I mean by, "cheaters pins, " is drilling a small hole in either side of a join, just like you normally would for pinning, but then, instead of placing a pin, just use a bit more glue than normal to fill the holes. It's really just a way of giving the glue a bit more surface area to bond with. With parts this small, a couple of indentations is probably good enough.

The only serious complaint I have is one of the MkII Jump packs has a huge amount of mold flash. Definitely a leaky mold there. The picture below really doesn't do the thing justice. Thankfully, I only need 16 of the 20 marines for their intended project. The remaining four are going to be configured as lords or champions, eventually. I've got plenty of time to see if it's at all salvageable. You'll get a look at that project in some of my upcoming posts.

Only other comment worth making is that the MkV molds seem to be a little tighter than those they use for the MkII's. Less mold flash over all, and certainly nothing as egregious as the one jump pack.

On to the pics;

MKII Jump Packs


MKII Torsos

MKII Heads


MKII Arms (Note hands and weapons are each separate pieces)

MKII Weapons and Hands

MKV Legs

MKV Jump Packs

MKII Jump Pack Flash

More pics at;

Riflemen dreads are popular. Who'da thunk it?

Received an interesting e-mail from Forgeworld this morning, in response to a couple of inquiries. I'll just quote the relevant bit;

The Mortis Autocannon is currently the most popular kit we make and we just cannot make them fast enough to keep up with demand. So they have been removed from sale to allow the casting department to catch up with back order and to create some more for stock. What this means is that it is likely to be 1-2 months before it is available to order once more.

For reference, this was the left arm autocannon I had been asking about. So, heads up if you're in desperate need for a rifleman dread, you're going to have to convert something up.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Ground down a bit....

Many thoughts, a few games...and some dwelling.

But life has been in a great deal of flux for the last two weeks, and I have been a bit of 'ground under'.

So, I apologize to any who actually peruse my madness looking for the hasn't been with me lately. :(

I'll pick up the ball shortly! :)