Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Cats....why do we do this to ourselves?

My Sig-O's cat has been particularly cute for the last week.
She hasn't eaten any of my figs, knocked over any of my cases or chased any moths across the bed (or up and down the stairs) at 3am.
She has been waking us up as the sun rises, and not demanding food but attention.
She's been letting us pick her up and hold her, without sudden decisions of 'free me' that are expressed by the 'pointy bits' across our chests/forearms.
She's been purring, loving, needing and behaving. I haven't pulled the air cannon out once in the past week except to show Missy's kids...

I've been loving it, she is actually living up to her hype (the same hype that convinced my wife to get the cat regardless of my desperate pleas for sanity and restraint). "But she's cute, and she cuddles, and can't you just feel the PURRRRRR!" was the mantra through the pet store they were running adoptions out of that day...(note to spouses, don't pick up food for ANY pet at super-petz when the sign out front says 'adoption day'...it can end badly.)

So I've been enjoying this little bundle of fuzzy joy, this loving beast...this wonderful kitty...

And then Rox points out something...it got chilly the same day the cat got cuddly. Shit, she's a woman... ;)

I hate this effing animal!

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