Thursday, September 17, 2009

40k Germanic Tribes Celtoi

Gil was right....
I'm going to play the flavor of the month.

See, I have these Dark Angels...Deathwing. And I (and others, some on your end even) have all come to the conclusion, it's time for us to play the way we shoulda stargate army is about to get interesting.
For one thing, the WHOLE thing has been repainted. Split scheme that Erik came up with..he did a better job of course. I've repainted the whole thing. Deathwing, Ravenwing, Foot guys and vehicles...and now have started to add to it.
Here's my "Thuner-Bear Rider". Started on him this morning...he has alot to be done still, but I kinda am very happy with his direction.

I had liked the Idea of a Space Marine equivalent to Bloodcrushers, but I think the upcoming model looks...well...a little ghey.
Not so, the bear!

(and since I'm having trouble with the pics, please just past the links into your browser till I figure a better way out!) :(

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