Sunday, September 6, 2009

Rodent Wars

Running log (and my wife has said "this can only end in tradegy!")

To set the stage, the cat's been run off the kitchen counter repeatedly in the last couple weeks...
She's been nosing around things oddly, and blamed for the flipping of ant bait traps that were supposedly out of her reach...
and then one day, 'while i was shootin at some food!' (okay, really making coffe with breakfast), I noticed the little mouse poos next to an ant bait, and the other ant bait, and behind my coffe can.
Oh no MOTHA LICKA, IT'S ON! Damned rodents into my coffee fixins, dirtying up MY counters! oh HELLS TO THE NO!
and so, we begin the Mouse Wars Chronicles! (taken from facebook blurbs to begin with)...

Sept 1st;

And first blood in the Mouse Wars has been drawn.

Mice-0 Traps-2

(my finger was victim #2 while re-baiting)

(little bastards SHALL die my pretties...oh yes...they shall...muwahahahahaaaa!)

Sept 3rd;

Adults aren't supposed to have nightmares...but oooo boy they do!

Running battles with mice, cat catching one larger than herself, scenes of 50's housewife reaction in my kitchen...

latent guilt? Nah, fears justifying mouse-icide!

They got into my COFFEE! (okay, so there's only been a few, but de-toxing off carbs makes teh Mikey WEIRD!)

Sept 4th;

All's quiet on the WESTern front...

I think the rodent's may be smarter than I originally thought. Evidence found in a new place, far from trap(s). Implementing new strategery...

will an elephant gun ruin my kitchen?

Sept 6th;

No new rodent kills.
Implemented new tactics on Friday...
do you know how hard it is to secure plutonium?

(side note; male pattern baldness setting in suddenly.
Thought this was inherited through the Mother's genes? must research further...)

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