Saturday, September 26, 2009

Bathing in the light..

"Here comes the sun, du dn du du..."

It's rare, that I realize
What a creature of nature I am.
We grow disconnected, as people
with our I-pods and tv and facebook...

and then it rains...for days.
dreary, damp..deadening.
Not cleansing rain, like a storm in the summer
or one that cleanses the smell
of wildfires


Then it lets up.
the oppression is lifted
the damp starts to recede from your bones...
you might not even notice it at first
just kind of wake up a little

I didn't catch on,
not till I was driving home today...
tap tap tapping on my steering wheel
smiling, thinking of wife, friends, bubbles
and home..

I didn't catch on,
till I caught myself singing
with joy in my heart
I'm such a creature of nature,
thank gawd I remembered!

"Here comes the sun..."

dammit, but George sang it right!


  1. Ahh but isn't it the dreary days that make us truly appreciate the sunny days?

    (of course I spent thins sunny day dredging through mud)

  2. Yes,
    yes they quite do. We would not appreciate the good without an occasional dose of the bad...just what mother nature ordered! ;)