Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Cat Faces... III

And the third face...

Evil look: mischief will be accompanied by sharps.
What the wife sees…we did something wrong, and she is upset. We’ve failed the cat somehow. Failed to feed her, pamper her, or generally love her.

What I see…property destruction.
It may be furniture, it may be my leg, but something will look like hamburger quite shortly.
The cat has found an excuse (albeit as minor as not scritching an ear while we are toiling over a hot oven) to mutilate our property OR a good night’s sleep. Usually we don’t see this coming beyond an aloof refusal to allow petting or interaction, or clawings hidden as play with a loose sock. Then the night comes. This is generally Gender non-specific, as I have seen the damage done to my wife’s toes as much as my own.
Objects destroyed, body parts maimed and clothing ruined…par for the course. I don’t understand how these animals survived their domestication…I think they feel the same way about us.

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