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Batrep Synopsis Bookery RTT 8.18.2012 (first 6e tourney)

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Batrep 8.18.2012

The tourney was 1850pts, with nearly all the 6e rules in effect.
Only random terrain and random objective rules were omitted.
Forgeworld 40k approved stamp allowed.
My list
Terminator command squad (cyclone/THSS’s/etc)
Terminator squad(cyclone/THSS’s/etc)
Terminator squad(cyclone/THSS’s/etc)
Terminator squad(cyclone/THSS’s/etc)
Terminator squad(cyclone/THSS’s/etc)
Caestus Assault Ram
Land Raider Godhammer

Each scenario had a primary(7pts), secondary(5pts) and tertiary(3pts) objective.
In addition, bonus points were accrued based on;
Objectives taken
Slay the Warlord
First Blood
(objectives were always center of table, and one in center of each quarter)

++Scenario 1++
+Dawn of War
Primary- Objectives
Secondary-Kill Points
Tertiary-Eliminate all FA (note;FA scoring)
Special rules, nightfight for the first three game turns.

Opposing Army (didn’t get list, and forgot his name…sorry, so from memory)
-CCS (plasma, MoF, Astropath and commissar)
-PBS (chimera)
-Blob(2 squads with specials, commissar, autocannon)
-4(?)x vets (melta/melta/plasma/flamer)
All in chimera
Leman Russ
Aegis line with quad-gun

Warlord for him, acute senses.
Warlord for me, move through cover.

He won the roll, chose first. The tables were even across, so he just chose a side and deployed. This was a vast cityfight style ruin table, lots of terrain but roads to create firelanes and movement options.
He deployed the Manticore deep on his right, basilisk on the left and Russ in the center. He flanked into his left (I assume hoping I would shift opposite, into his Manticore and Quad gun) with his Vets/chimmys+PBS/chimmy and basilisk+blob(in a building). He placed a blob(maybe HW team I missed?) with AC and his CCS(commissar manning quad-gun) to reinforce his right flank. Both Vendettas in reserve, with a Plas-Vet squad on one.
I deployed the LR at 12”(DW squad mounted) and a DW squad. I placed directly across from his Chimera/basi/Blob wall. I failed to seize.

Turn 1;
He shuffled, and nightfight prevented a good amount of fire. What he did get dropped my exposed Cyclone (remembering closest resolution, gah).
I dropped two DW squads (DW assault) right in his grill. Punched the LR forward max. Snapfired a lascannon pair and stunned a chimera.
Turn 2;
Vendettas both come in.
He advanced, dropped my initial DW squad down to one.
Marbo popped, and missed. Took a Hull Point off of the LR(vendettas). Dropped another DW.
I punched out with my LR mounted unit, while my Caestus came barreling on. The Caestus rammed a Chimera into smoking ruin (making its 5++ against the return strike). Lascannon fire dropped another Chimera. Assaults devastated exposed/advanced Vets.
Turn 3;
His fire nets a Hullpoint off the Caestus, and a DW terminator. Assault sees off the remaining locked Vets, running not dead.
Caestus drops into hover, unloads Belial and Command. They rock into further targets, LR mounted unit gets into the blob, and a ram smokes a 2nd Chimera.
Snapfire lascannon Vector-Locks the mounted-up Vendetta.
Assaults fly, Terminators lumber…mass carnage ensues.
Turn 4/5;
The grind continues. Stubborn keeps his blob going for most of both turns, but they finally run off the table.
He begins to fire the Manticore finally, but only manages to remove another hullpoint from the LR, and force a few(successful) saves on DW.
Caestus rams another vehicle into dust.
Turn 5 sees positioning for objectives as DW squads bubble wrap the middle and I own the two on my right flank.
+++Game ends with me winning,
Bonus points predominantly go to me.

++Scenario 2++
+Hammer and Anvil
Primary- Eliminate all opposing HS(from primary detach,note;HS scoring)
Tertiary-Kill Points
Special rules, NO nightfight all game.

Opposing Army (didn’t get list, and forgot his name…sorry, so from memory)

Ghazgkull Mag Uruk Thraka
BigMek (klaw/KFF)
Dakka Jet
Battlewagon (Deffrolla, ArmourPlates, Grot Riggers, 4x Big Shootas…some other stuff)

Warlord for both, I forget.

He wins roll for first, deploys 24” forward with Wagon and slightly behind with shoota mobs. Lootas atop a skyshield (for terrain, not the rules). 19 boyz+KFF on wagon. Deffkoptas and Dakkajet in reserve, Koptas outflanking.
I deploy back from main line, toward my left. Reserve 3 squads (belial+std Terminators on Caestus). LR+mounted squad, and foot squad, amidst terrain slightly left (opposite of Ghazzy).
I fail to seize.

Turn 1;
He advances up the center, pushes the wagon forward. Lootas and shootas (and Wagon shootas) engage my exposed termies, eliminating the cyclone and another shmoe.
I swing closer to center, pop shots into the Wagon and manage to net a Hullpoint(and shaken, I believe).
I also DW assault into his backfield with command termies and standard squad. Rear cyclone shots immobilize the Wagon.
Turn 2;
Deffkoptas come in behind my LR, Wagon fails repair, including shaking itself in the process. Dakkajet still in reserves. Koptas do nothing to the LR. Fire damages both DW squads in his backfield, but their drop does what I want…pulling both his big blobs back, along with the Tank Hunters.
My Caestus comes in. Ram on the Wagon (gets another HP, and a dead Big Shoota). Assault into his Koptas from the foot-squad in my backfield nets two, they run. Assault into his Tankhuntas from his backfield wipes them. I disembark the LR mounted termies, to further engage the wagon from side-armour…no more HP lost.
Turn 3/5;
Dakkajet comes in, Waagh shooting knocks out all but one of the termies from the freshly dismounted unit…but ultimately that’s all the Dakkajet does in the game. My Caestus flies off, as my LR puts down the last HP from the wagon (primary secure). Furball on the center objective, plus shooting and such, really grinds the game out…I finally secure the central objective, with Gazzy and crowd too far back.
+++Game ends,
Bonus Pts(first blood to me, that’s it)

++Scenario 3++
+Emperor’s Will
Primary- Objectives
Tertiary-Kill Points
Special rules, NO nightfight all game.

Opposing Army Necron Wraithwing(just to piss him off, he hates that term).
Eric Miller(list from memory).

Destroyer Lord (orb, sempiternal, scythe, mindshackle)
Destroyer Lord (orb, sempiternal, scythe, mindshackle)
5x Praetorian Guard(Particle Caster/Voidblade)
5x Warriors
5x Warriors
5x Warriors
6x Wraiths (2x Whipcoils)
6x Wraiths (2x Whipcoils)
6x Wraiths (2x Whipcoils)
Annihilation Barge
Canoptek Spyder (gloom prism)

Warlord for him, Furious Charge
Warlord for me, Move through Cover

He wins roll for first, deploys wraiths line across maximum frontage. His DLords join his left and center Wraith units. Praetorians back up his left-center. Anni-barge takes center about 8” back from the Wraith-wall. One warrior unit hides behind a hill right off his corner objective, while the Monolith supports his left flank. Two foot warriors in reserve.
I know the visuals are for a ‘weaker’ right flank, but the speed of the wraiths make that moot. What it DOES do is give me a wraith unit unsupported by Lords for wound soaking…so, I take his right flank anyway. I deploy EVERYTHING but the Caestus and Belial (on board said flyer) to bead on his wraith unit.
I then seize (which was funny. I am across from Edge so often last round of tourney that I rolled while he was at the end of the table…and Eric was over adjusting a fan. Edge wasn’t even looking, but I just saw him and rolled. Fortunately, Eric’s nice and took my word for it).

Turn 1;
I shuffle…a little, more to just make certain of lining up shots. I fire. Even with snake eyes on one of the cyclones, I managed to drop my target unit of Wraiths down to one, and stun the Anni-barge.
He advances quickly, and runs what he can. The two DLords join the central wraith unit. No shooting. Between run rolls and speed, his central Wraiths are right in my breadbasket…which I expected.
The Caestus comes on. With the Anni-barge wounded, the only serious target for my flyer was the Mono. I measured it out, and decided against the ram. Instead I flew into double D6 range with the MagnaMelta.
I position for assault (this confused ‘Monger later, but the intent was to lock his central Wraith-star down for a few turns…and deny him charge bonuses). I shoot. Every weapon in my army EXCEPT my leftmost Terminator unit, my Caestus and a snapfired lascannon (into his Anni-barge) fires at the Wraithstar. Positioning really made nearly all that fire pour into the Wraiths (only one of the Cyclones has to hit a Lord). The Terminator unit that fired into his solo Wraith did its job, wiping it out. The lasconnon finished the wounded Anni. Everything else whiffed. Between misses, and a complete lack of failed saves…he lost one wraith and a flux arc on the Mono. Ok, this is NOT what I bargained for…well, assault time! I charge. My setup should have allowed one unit to engage virtually nothing but Wraiths, while the other engaged the pair of lords. Statistically, I should have netted a Lord and 3 Wraiths…Well, a failed charge(rolled a 4, at 5” distant) isolated the one unit against his paired lords. I should be happy they survived the experience (with two left). Should be.
His reserve warriors come in. He brings them out along his long edge, one behind the Mono for cover, one to engage the Caestus. The third Wraith unit comes over the central terrain piece to engage another backfield Termie unit. Shootings gets him nothing, and then the assault phase. He hits a Terminator unit in the backfield, and grinds the middle squad down to 2, with no CC losses at all (every wound saved). The praetorians are now positioned to jump into the middle if needed.
I look at the field, and decide I wish to melta the Mono. None of his Wraith units will be able to assault it this turn, so I go into hover mode vs to engage it. My only mistake of the game(?)…looking at the Praetorians and SEEING (in my mind) Lychguard. Whiff goes the melta…mistake-news at 11. My only real CHEAT of the event?...I shot at his exposed warriors with my Firefury battery same turn. I’ve grown so accustomed to LR’s, I just started operating with PotMS in my cabeza(sorry about that, ‘Monger…won’t happen again. Didn’t even think about it ‘til writing this damned thing).
I pounce onto the Wraiths in my backfield with my second unengaged Termie unit in that quarter. My other two forward squads position for assaults (one on the Canoptek Spyder that had been positioning for support), while the last unengaged backfield unit positions for support on the other. I successfully assault his Wraithstar with the fresh squad. I actually make a LDR roll vs Mindshackle…I kill A Wraith (whiffing on my part, coupled with his continued inability to fail saves), though I only lost one terminator in each squad. I kill the Spyder without losses. Backfield fight? Original Termie squad down to 2, for NO losses of Wraiths (after average wounding)…he cannot fail saves.
His turn goes pretty much straight to assault. Well, now it’s 11…mistake-news (if you didn’t see it coming, shame shame). He hops over with Praetorians and assaults the Caestus. As soon as he hopped, I realized what I had ‘seen’ in my head and why I did it…and what it just cost me. Dead Caestus.
He finishes the loner, takes the final charge (after whittling the other squad down to 2) and continues to fail no saves (even in the backfield).
Turn 5;
Belial is pissed. He kills the Praetorians. The LR has nothing to shoot at, it backs up a bit (hoping to pick up a squad that breaks loose). Assault…he loses nothing.
His assault, Finishes the light squad in the middle…reduces the other to 3, for the loss of one Wraith. Backfield Wraiths finally lose 2.
Okay, at this point I actually have Primary (barely) and secondary while he has tertiary! C’MON DICE!
Awwwwwwwwwww….a damned 6!
Turn6; Just assaults at this stage, though he positions his Mono to telly a Warrior unit onto the central objective, securing two for him.
Assault finally breaks loose the center fight, during my turn…what’s left of the Wraithstar goes and kills Belial while I get his Wraith unit in my backfield down to 1.
Now we’re drawn on Primary, I have secondary, he has tertiary…
Awwwwwwwwwww…a 5………ruh roh raggy.
Right, let’s just not discuss that! (tabled)

+++Game ends,
Bonus Pts(first blood to me, that’s it)

Game should have been a seesaw match.
His army has speed, mine has 2+ spam. Our core ‘threat’ units have the same levels of resilience vs ‘standard’ lists/armies(though that term is changing with the new Edition, and with newer codices written for them coming up).
Frankly, I saw this matchup as slightly-advantaged to me…only VERY slightly. The quantity of ID weaponry I have (vs his true threats) effectively nullifies the 2wd advantage he gets vs other types of opponents. Though his speed compensated for a lack of scoring, and his resilience could keep my army off his 'squishy-bitz' longer than most other opponents.
This does me NO good when he’s rolling like he has 2++, not 3!!! Razz
The fact that he needed to engage me in CC in order to take full advantage of his army SHOULD have tipped that.
Failing a charge on Turn 2 (set up to cost him at least half his Wraiths, while also killing a Lord and locking the other), instead created a slow-feed issue in the middle that favored him…with no way to compensate.
My real error was so annoyingly a non-issue, in the context of what else transpired, while at the same time being SOOO costly…but by that time his saves had just kept piling, adding insult to injury. Losing the Caestus cost me 2KP I could have just kept in effective Limbo for the game, but even with that I would have lost by 1KP (with the game having gone to turn 7).

A great deal of little things came out of this for me, though no real shocks to the system.
Amongst them;
I can continue to ‘force’ the issue of my Deathwing, or just accept their downward spiral into ignominy.
I can give up, and accept I am going to actually NEED allies in this edition.
I can just say ‘to hell with it’, and go back to Star Fleet Battles.

One big thing, which actually would not have mattered in the last round, is torrent. Always a weakness with this army, it was something I could almost compensate for in 5e.
Not in 6e, I think.
And that will require allies (until such a time as they re-vamp my Dark Angels ‘dex, and make other elements in it actually worth my while).
So, allies it is…the great bogeyman.

So it begins.


  1. Not a bad outing still though. I think for using such an older codex two wins is a good record. That Cestus thing is just sick, wow, Forge World for tournaments for me? No.

    you only have to wait a little bit and then the new Dark Angel Codex will hit, then you can see how jacked or pumped the army gets....I think it is going to get a few good perks...

  2. Caestus really only had great impact in the first game vs IG parking lot.
    Against the Orks it netted one HP on the battlewagon, and some orks in a mob, and then delivered Belial+unit (nothing a stormraven couldn't have done).
    Against the 'Crons it only netted one gun on the 'lith.
    Overpointed for what it does when engaging a non-motorpool army, but just looks too cool not to use when there's an excuse.

    I was certainly pleased with the results, regardless of the loss. I always enjoy playing my DW.