Sunday, February 19, 2012

Confusing Interceptor?

so I look at my interceptors (one finished unit, another just built) and I like the idea of more 'compact' weaponry.
I know it's applying logic to a fantasy environment, but jump/teleport units seem to need something a bit more manageable.

So I took the falchions, and utilized only one to represent NFW's on my sword-toting dudeages.
I'm just curious to know if people think this would be too confusing on the table, or if having only the one hand wielding it (as opposed to the pair) would deliver the message while NOT violating (the majority of people's perception of) WYSIWYG?

(I also realized that I can also put a small magnet on a thigh and one of the sheathed combat blades from a LS Storm's scout bits sprue to turn these guys into dual purpose representations)

If this works out (aesthetically, after painting) I'll have to grab a box or two for converting shorter halberds. No idea yet for the psycannon, but they're not wielding two weapons so that may be a logical wash. I'll leave the hammers 'as is'...the Sgt. should be a special type of bad-arse!


  1. Hey Commander West !!!

    I just added your blog to my blog roll over on Terminus Est coz I want to follow your thoughts on the game... They are very relevant !!!

    : )


  2. and the favor is returned...
    and at some point, I'll actually figure out how to make a roll show on my front-page :-)