Sunday, June 17, 2012

Batrep Synopsis Bookery RTT 6.16

I went to the RTT at Bookery Fantasy yesterday.
It was a 'farewell to 5th Edition' event, so I chose something outside my recent paradigm.
I went back to the army I played in my last RTT in 4th edition.  A little different, as I had Assault cannons aplenty (as well as more Lightning Claws, and regular terminators) back then...but it cost the same, with the same model count/units.
Belial and the Deathwing return!

-Command Terminators (Narthecium, 3x THSS, LC, Chainfist, Cyclone)
-Terminators (5x THSS, Cyclone)
-Terminators (5x THSS, Cyclone)
-Terminators (4x THSS, Cyclone, Chainfist)
-Terminators (4x THSS, Cyclone, Chainfist)
-Land Raider, Crusader pattern.
-Land Raider, Godhammer patter.

Again, like a fool, I didn't take notes or the lists and specific turn accuracy is likely not precise.  Anyone reading, PLEASE note corrections if you feel so inclined.

+++Astropathic channel open:  07 042 696.M41+++
++Chapter Master Azrael, from Deathwing Master Belial++
+investigation into Consecrators' distress beacon begin+
Upon entry into uncharted system ZZ9 Plural Z Alpha.  Strike cruiser 'Unyielding Blade' (transport; Consecrators' Ravenwing support detachment) found devastated.  Brief clashes with xenos automaton aboard.  Investigation provided little data.  Possible Necrontyr world orbiting dying star.  Adeptus Mechanicum expeditionary force may be below.  Imperial units may be under xenos influence.  Further investigation necessary...rumours of Fallen possibly bait for Consecrators.  Hulk of 'Unyielding Blade' cleansed with magma warheads.  Bringing BattleBarge 'Sword of Caliban' into orbit under minimum power.  Passive Augers activated from orbit.
  +to yield to panic is to abandon The Lion+
+++Astopathic channel closed+++

It was a 3 round RTT with variant scenarios.
Each round had a Primary, Secondary and Tertiary.
Each objective scored, in order, 7/5/3.
Total points determined scenario winner.
Overall winner, in the case of W/L tie, used VCs taken to break ties (for pairings as well).
VPs were used for final tiebreakers in all cases.

+++Vox Transmission; Master Belial to Sword of Caliban+++
+enemy engaged+
Imperial Guard has turned traitor.  Possible xenos mind-control.  Physical contact with potential allies was attempted.  Vox transmissions ignored.  Fire directed toward us upon sight.  Engaging.
 +bring Illumination to the darkness+
+++Vox Transmission End+++

Round 1
Dep: Pitched Battle
Miss: Seize Ground (modified; 4 objective markers, player 1 places first obj)
-Primary; Have more units wholly in enemy dep zone than he/she has in yours.
-Secondary; Kill Points.
-Tertiary; Objective Markers.

Opponent (name Russel?)
CCS (bare)
CCS (bare)
5x Vet Squads (mixes of plas and melta squads)
  Chimeras on all (mostly Multi/Hvy flamer)
2x Hvy Weapon Squads (3x Lascannon each, buffed by bring it down commands with CCS's)
Squadron of 2x Collosi
Vanquisher (pask)
Squadron of 2x Executioners
(crap, executioner vs terminators...)
He wins the roll for first, we place objectives.  He deploys with pask and the Executioners offset to his right, Hvy Weapons teams center and Collosi to his left.  Chimmys flanking Hw Teams, and CCS's in terrain backing the Hw teams.
I refuse flank deep behind terrain in my right corner (as far from Pask and the Executioners as possible), reserving three DW squads (two for DS, one for walking on) and Deploy Belial plus Termie Command in the Crusader, and a 5 man in the Godhammer.  The terrain center provides maximum cover+BLoS
I fail to seize.

1st Turn;
-He advances vehicles, trying to bring Executioners from his right corner closer to the middle, and get the Vanquisher shots into the Godhammer he can barely see.  Chimmys stay put for this turn.  Fire from the Vendetta and Vanquisher net a shaken Crusader and nothing to the Godhammer.  Fire from the lead Hw team nets a shaken Godhammer.  Bad placement on Hw team 2 blocks line of sight to all but one of the Lascannon.  'Bring it Down' nets a hit from the single cannon.  a '6' followed by a '4', and the Godhammer is a brick in my corner.
-Flustered, I DS one squad of termies into a small building at mid-table on his left flank, out of LoS to the Executioners.  I punch the Crusader forward max, putting a building cleanly between pask and the Crusader.  I don't bother with smoke, as I've also managed to garner cover vs the forward Hw team, and if he brings the vendetta to clear LoS to the Crusader, it will be exposed to any fire I have available (tall building, the center one is).  The Godhammer mounted termies dismount, and run forward.  Shooting from the backfield GH lascannon nets nothing on the Colossi, and the PotMS HB shots into one of his CCS's kills nothing.  I brace for impact.

Turns 2-3;
-He advances, and fires.  All he manages, somehow, is a terminator and shaken results on the Crusader turn 2.  He fired a full volley from a plasma-vet squad into my lead termie unit.  One overheat death, and 4 wounds...I made all SS saves.  His CCS lasgun fire, on the other hand, spears a termie right through the optics.  This turn my 2nd DS unit also comes in, supporting my drive into his dep zone right flank.
My fire drops his Vendetta and stuns two Chimmys turn 3(right after they drop one of my fresh termie squads to 3), and my final unit comes in central for my dep zone. The Crusader blocks the only open avenue for Executioner fire and, unless Pask can blow it, relegates them to scrambling for primary scoring...and possibly whacking my backfield squad that arrived.  This movement delivers two Terminator squads into assault, and my fire ends his remaining mobile Chimmys...thus begins the end.

Turns 4-5;
- He fires, and fires...and fires...on the Crusader, with his diminishing resources (by the end of 5, all he has left that can have an effect is Pask).  He was hitting.  Other than immobilizing it and blowing off the Asscannon, he never was able to do much.
I then get greedy, and bring my backfield termies out 'just' enough to bead on a foot squad he's driving toward my dep-zone.  Two templates, two dead Vets.  His Executioners, on the other hand, get gleeful...they can see something!  Advancing them further, he draws a bead on the one Terminator they can see (the hapless cyclone toting DW was, however briefly, happy for his waste-recyclers).  Fire fails to hit with all shots...unfortunately, 3 of them drift just right and he nets 15 hits on the unit.  After the smoke clears, a pair of boots and a single functioning Storm Shield rests in the scorched crater.
Assault pretty much clears his entire Dep-Zone, and now the race is on.

Turn 6;
Not much happens.
He gets the Vanquisher, the Squadron of Execs and two foot Vet squads into my Deployment Zone.  I split Belial off from his command, which put 4 Terminator squads (one is down to one Termie) and Belial in.
I score 5, he scores 4.  He had made the mistake of thinking that the squadron counted as that tie wasn't.
I had two objectives secured, he had none.
He had one KP, I had all but 4 of his.

Victory, Mine.
All VC
All bonus
800(ish) VPs

+++Vox Transmission; Master Belial to Sword of Caliban+++
+Drop Zone unsecure+
We have encountered the true enemy.  Active Augery blocking zone is a vast storm.  Lighting being drawn to the hulls of our Land Raiders.  Loss of one Thunderhawk Transporter at Dustoff.  Teleport in reserves immediately.  Xenos sighted, engaging.
 +Purge the Unclean+
+++Vox Transmission End+++
Round 2
Dep: Spearhead
Miss: Seize Ground (5 Objectives, 2nd player places 1st objective)
-Primary; Objectives
-Secondary; Kill all opposing HQ, while keeping at least one alive.
-Tertiary; Table quarters.

Opponent (name forgotten, I'm sorry?)
Court (5x lords, all Sempiternal and Mindshackles, many with Warschythes)
Court (1x ShadowTek with Flamer Template of doom)
7x Deathmarks
7x Warriors
  Ghost Ark
7x Warriors
7x Warriors
6x Warriors
5x Scarabs
5x Scarabs
Annihilation Barge (gauss cannon)
Annihilation Barge (gauss cannon)
Annihilation Barge (gauss cannon)

He won roll for first, I placed first objective.
He deploys opposite of the central building (not LoS blocking, but being alot of night fight it won't really matter).  His deathstar parks behind the Ghost Ark in the center, Warrior units in a semicircle behind them.  Annihilation barges right behind them, and the Scarabs positioned on the flanks but with cover.
I place opposite, with one foot squad out.  Belial + Command in the Crusader, Standard Termies in Godhammer.  1 Squad reserved for standard reserve DS, the other for walking.

Turns 1/2;
He mounts the Deathstar up and begins a counter clockwise rotation around the central building.  I follow his rotation opposite.  No lightning hits round one.  He brings his left flank Scarabs into threat for turn 2.
His turn two reserves gets the Deathmarks early, which attempt to jump my foot terminators.  He keeps up the storm.  He shuffles further around, hugging my table edge with a warrior squad, anni-barge, and Ghost Ark.  Lightning immobilizes my Godhammer (WTF?).  He sets up a charge for the scarabs (that I had managed to rid of a base turn 1).  His fire from the 'marks (and Tek) yield 6 ap-2 wounds, and 3 standard, on my Terminators.  I make every save.  They 'marks whimper (and the Tek tries to figure out why he forgot his Veil).
He attempts a charge on the immobilized Godhammer, for the auto-hits, which prompts a DT roll for the scarabs (due to a hedge between us).  7 inches away...and he rolls a pair of '2's.  This sets a tone for him.
I advance my LRC into the central building.  I pile onto a rightside objective with my DS reserve squad (in terrain, but no '1's).
I fail to get any nightfight shots off, and just barrel into assault with the unit from the Godhammer.  Scarabs, gone.  I barrel into the Deathmarks with the other unit, and they evaporate.

Turns 3/4;
He maintains Storm (which doesn't shut down til turn 6).  He comes up my table edge completely, ready for a next turn assault into my foot termies with the deathstar.  My consolidation move maxed last turn, so he couldn't this one.  Anni-barge follows for fire support, other anni-barges shift counter clockwise as well...prepping for fire one various exposed targets.  Warriors have now followed center, and behind the deathstar, positioning for objectives/quarters turns 5/6.  His fire is wasted, as his own night-fight screws him...EXCEPT, the damned lightning...which immobilizes the LRC (ARRRGH!).
My final reserve comes in, walks it on, and manages to multi-assault the Ghost Ark, Anni-Barge and a Warrior unit.  No hits on the barge (both the ark, and barge, moved 12)...but one glorious chainfist hit on the Ghost Ark and BOOM!  Thunder hammers wiped the Warriors.  On the other flank, Belial's unit managed to secure an objective in the center.
His turn ends the hurt coming from the lightning.  No '6's.  Difficult terrain continues to punish him, as the deathstar rolls snake-eyes, and remains trapped in the crater.  Shooting from a barge nets a termie, and the squad that just hit his flank is wiped in assault by scarabs...LOTS of '1's on my part.
Assault from belial's squad begins to chew into his scoring units, though...coupled with the loss of a barges Tesla Destructor, and chasing off of units, he is down to one scoring.

Turns 5/6;
His real mistake.  With Belial&Co in his center, he decides to change direction on his deathstar's movement.  and rolls a pair of '2's.  He's still in the crater.  I have successfully dodged his Deathstar, and with only one scoring unit (that's in range of a charge from the HQ love) left, he's in a world of hurt...and he continues to pay for bad DT rolls.  Turn 5, his deathstar finally breaks free of terrain but it's too little, too late.  I have swept through everything in his backfield.  I have a unit in every quarter, and I have 3 objectives to his one...and am far enough away to avoid being assaulted by the doom-unit.

Victory, Mine.
Two VC
800(ish?) VP's

+++Log: Master Belial+++
Had to abandon venerable transports.  When the storm abated, we encountered further xenos rising from the earth.  Signals indicated inbound aircraft of alien design.  Enemy HQ closing.  Chose to preserve Gene-Seed, as these were no Fallen.  Teleport order given.  Recall teleporters on casualties saved geneseed.  Prayers for the Machine-Spirits of our lost Chariots intoned, as site was obliterated by Magma Warheads.  Later scouting revealed no sign of Enemy command.  Nothing but waste for their minions. 
Contact made with PDF contingent remaining planetside.  Challenges not responded to with proper codes.  Must assume either permanent taint, or still under sway of xenos-mind control.  Must purge.  We go to deliver the Emperor's Forgiveness.

 +The honoured dead shall take their place at the right hand of the Emperor+
+++Log End+++
Round 3
Dep: Dawn of War (modified, with a Diagonal split instead of lateral...left closest corner to right furthest)
Miss: Capture and Control (modified, only HQ's could control the Objectives, and to score you had to control the one in your OPPONENT'S dep zone.  They could not be contested.  Both players could score this one though  Neither Obj could be placed within 12" of the center-line).

-Primary; Objectives
-Secondary; KP

-Tertiary; Terrain Features (scoring units get a point for each terrain feature they control, just like Objective markers in most games).

Opponent, Edge T
CCS (4x Plasma)
  Chimera (multi/HF)
CCS (4x Plasma)
  Chimera (multi/HF)
Vets (2x Melta, 1x flamer)
  Chimera (multi/HF)
Vets (2x Melta, 1x flamer)
  Chimera (multi/HF)
Vets (2x Melta, 1x flamer)
  Chimera (multi/HF)
Vets (2x Melta, 1x flamer)
  Chimera (HF/HF)
Vets (2x Melta, 1x flamer)
  Chimera (multi/HF)
Eradicator (lascannon & plasma sponsons)
Eradicator (lascannon & plasma sponsons)

He won roll for first, objectives placed.
He deployed two foot squads of Vets covering maximum terrain, and threatening my objectives with melta and shotgun fire.
I deployed nothing.  Reserved for DS 3 squads, mounted up other two per previous games.  Like an idiot, I attempted to seized...fortunately I didn't.

Turns 1/2;
He rolls on, with an Eradicator far right to threaten against a DS of DW to come up his rear.  3 chimmys threatening my target obj, manticore roughly center.  Everything else came on threatening to bury his target objective.
I bring on the Land Raiders, DS'ing two squads between the raiders and his line, right at his target objective.  We both settle on "screw primary, let's gun for the other two VCs".  I forget frikkin night-fight and go to shooting...and failed to see anything.  Uh Oh.
His 2nd turn shooting wipes a squad, and the manticore shakes the LRC.  Only one shot from the Manti.  I barrel forward and begin to open up.  Fire drops both Vendettas, and stuns a chimmy.  Last squad comes in, and with nowhere to hide on his right flank, I just drop them in the furball on his left.

Turns 3/4;
His manticore, and other fire, continues to fail him.  I lose a terminator here and there, and suffer another stun on the LRC.  I manage to make a vast majority of SS saves (when I am actually forced to take them), while saving like terminators actually should, which is a rarity for my Deathwing...sometimes I'm convinced I'm playing Orks.  His Manticore fails to get more than one shot per rocket both turns, and those drift into uselessness.  My shooting actually immobilizes some chimmys, and kills one...then the assaults begin.  By the end of turn four, he has no HQs left to secure primary and has lost a few Chimmys plus his left flank Eradicator.  I am now advantaged roughly 6-1 on KP.  The only thing he has likely secured is Tertiary.

Turns 5/6;
Between LoS blocking with a Vendetta wreck, my LRC and terrain (plus poor rolls for lumbering) he just cannot get good shots with the remaining Eradicator.  Scatter laser fire and melta fire net maybe two more termies total (taking my command down to the Apothecary and a random THSS, though Belial still lives).  His last shot from the Manitcore is again only one rocket, that scatters poorly.  My assaults press forward, chasing off or wiping out units.  His left flank collapses utterly, though a wild shot from the Eradicator autocannon snipes a final Terminator cyclone holding terrain piece.
My turn 6 moves grabs a fourth piece of terrain, when I jam the Godhammer into his backfield center and assault one of his initial deployment units.  This pulls it off one terrain piece, and then wipes it out (scoring me that final piece).

Victory, Mine.
VCs 2
VPs 1000+.

Tournament Victory, mine.
There were two undefeated players at the end, myself and an interesting GK build.  He had one fewer VC objectives overall, so the tie was broken in my favor.

+++Astropathic channel open:  07 054 696.M41+++
++Chapter Master Azrael, from Deathwing Master Belial++

+investigation into Consecrators' distress beacon Complete+
Leaving planetary orbit of ZZ9 Plural Z Alpha. Insufficient munitions for full 'Exterminatus'.  All concentrations of structures, or electrical signals, have been bombarded.  Coordinates marked for later attention.  Bodies of our dead are all properly accounted for, gene-seed secure.  No traitor left alive planetside.  All Imperial equipment left behind deemed tainted, and destroyed.  Proceeding to last known location of Consecrators' battle-fleet in attempt to contact, both to report the fall of the 'Unyielding Blade' and to request further support from their 2nd company.
Losses were low, but many in my command gave their lives in furtherance of the Lion's will.  Field promotions from Tactical Reserves will replace 1st Co losses, while command elements will be shifted.
Astropathic channels will remain open for as long as possible, awaiting further command from 'the Rock'.

  +a moment of laxity spawns a lifetime of heresy+
+++Astopathic channel closed+++

Well, I went into this one for fun...
I got it.
The only problem round was the last, and it was my fault.
I was getting hot (see the venue review), and teething baby=sleep deprived Mikey.
I saw the mission, and kinda gave up a little in my head.  I saw the double HQ's, what I assumed was plenty of firepower to sweep me clean off, and assumed I'd be playing only for secondary if I was lucky.  I had 'given up' on primary and tertiary.  I asked him if the scoring with HQ's could be contested, and he said's designed so that you have to get in there and kill or be killed.
As the TO was a friend, I used my pessimism as an excuse to give him guff.  As he'd run a great event, that was all I could bust his chops for!
He pulled the 'Dad' mode out (yeah, he's actually older than me), and told me to 'shut up and stuff it down the middle' (with a smile, of course.  he knew I was teasing, even with the pessimism).
I looked at the board, and my opponent's army, and did just that.  What I expected was to be crippled on his first turn.
What happened humbled me greatly.
I have a tendency to over-analyze, and not just 'play the game'.  I was in 'gaming' mode, not 'play' mode...and I should have been seeing the fun to be had.
Hrmph...glad there wasn't a sportsmanship score!
Lesson learned, even when playing with friends...don't let your exhaustion/overheating/curmudgeonly nature come out when you're trying to be funny/tease.  It might not be funny, and gets you into bad habits.
Fortunately, Edge knows me to be very critical and fatalistic at times, and forgave me both my sour-puss-face...and the arse whoopin his own dice delivered him!

What I learned?
Well, 5e is coming to an end.  I don't know that any of that really matters anymore.
Some things do carryover to all things, though.

Sometimes the dice-Gawdz hate you, but every once in a great while (if they pick on you often enough) they WILL return the favor!

(that, and it's good to play with friends or make new ones...otherwise there's no reason to play)