Saturday, July 7, 2012

Happy Happy, Joy Joy???'s hoping for some serious (or at least a grain) of truth?

Depending on the direction GT's (and local events) take, this could end up being only GW events (whenever we start having those again outside Game's Days)...

But I'm excited.

Especially at the prospect of a Warhammer 30k (series) of codices!  :-)


  1. I just threw up in my mouth Mike and totally lost respect for GW. Why? This really intimidates the newer players and makes the game look even more this now makes me have to take a 2nd mortgage to just keep playing now. The FW stuff is not balanced, points are over or very under, broken rules and won't be in the common retail stores....flipping stupid.

  2. Okay, and that was my reaction during 5e...but let's look at a few little things first.

    -Elitists...well, a few years ago yes.
    When the difference between a FW model of rough equivalency to a GW one was on the order of 150-200% of the cost.
    but now? with the recent price hikes, we're talking about (again, rough equivalents) differences on the order of 20$

    Land Raider Crusader- US 74.25
    Land Raider Achilles- US 95.00

    Valkyrie- US 66.00
    Vulture- US 88.00

    all that REALLY separates them, is utility. In both cases, the cheaper (plastic) is actually superior to the FW variant. (NOT by 5e rules, but now by 6e).
    Shipping's a PITA, but it is what it is...and you can always collectively order. That is, of course, assuming the stores don't have it.

    -Balance...well, we now have an edition that allows 2 FOC's per 2000pts, has flyers, allies AND allows terrain to be purchased. Fortifications, no less. (okay, the last is optional...but frankly bothers me less than the 2 FOC). That alone makes a 'balance' argument specious (not casting aspersions, just pointing it out...I know, I've had this internal debate going on for some weeks now).

    Also, most of the heaviest hitters from FW before are brought into parity with the newest vehicle rules. Hull points alone does it, coupled with nerfs to movement, disembarking and cover saves.
    The most egregious offender (LR Achilles) in the balance department now has very little damage resistance advantage at medium/long range.
    Who cares if the achilles gets a -1 on the damage chart? It'll still lose hull points to glancing hits...which are going to be the most productive method of ridding our fair fields of the Land Raider menace for the foreseeable future. Haywire and such will splat em close, and though the melta dbl d6 is gone, there's still the +2 on the dam chart for AP-1 attacks...and far more CC attacks at str-10 (MC's, etc). Oh, and no Assault vehicle = sad panda now.
    Point is, greater balance is inherent in the basic rules set now (for vehicles).
    If we're going to gripe about things, let's attack the 2k/FOC elephant...not the modelling option mouse! :-)

    -2nd mortgage.
    See some examples from my 'elitist' thread.
    Yeah, they're not all that close...but neither are they in points for the most part.
    If you're worried about a 2nd mortgage, though, you are considering it from the point of someone who owns a GREAT deal of models.
    From the perspective of the 'new kid', it's all washing out to be the same.
    80+ bucks for a Storm Raven?
    how bout 100 for something else fewer people have?
    From the older gamer's perspective, it can hurt...we have a metric shit-ton of models, and adding FW to the mix is just going to add to what 'little' we have to spend to be competitive.
    You know it, as well as I...we've been doing this forever.
    Yeah, it's a way to get more money out of us...we fatbeards have to produce for our hobby somehow.
    But honestly, you and I have the tools to beat anything FW can throw at us right our closets and in our cases.
    The tools are already there, this just opens up the avenues for ALL the players to expand their horizons.

    Ultimately, the greater diversity (IMHO) will help prevent a stagnation too quickly (like the last year for 40k)...and thus, hopefully, preclude the need for a new edition sooner!

  3. Oh, and an event doesn't HAVE to allow FW...and it will probably be awhile (if this rumour is even 100% true) before a great deal of them do.

    And if it really does keep itself to just the 40k approved 'stamped' elements, they seem to be doing a good job with choosing what is and isn't.
    We'll see in the long run, though.

  4. Hate to say it but I actually got to agree with styx, I'm not really looking forward to this. I expressed the same thing on the ML site. I understand you think they are more in line with 6e only time will tell. Newer tournament players and anybody without a wad of cash could be SOL. It will be what it will be!

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