Monday, July 2, 2012

Well...part deux

I don't know if I'm happy to know it wasn't just me...or utterly disgusted at the magnitude of the SNAFU.

My $.02 addition to his thread follows...

"Take your 'Second Email',
add a dash of TWO hangups, 40(ish) minute wait on the second...and the fact I ordered minutes after they went live on the website (and express shipping).
Yes, I am a little torqued.

I find the lack of attention to detail here...surprising. Regardless of all the complaints that can be leveled at GW for many things, getting the product into your hands (especially a benchmark release like a new ed, or C:SM, release) is not normally one.

I can buy into the 'product incomplete' excuse for the Gamer's Editions, but that should have had NO impact on the Collector's.
I find the complete lack of pro-active correction (assuming truth with the FedEx truck size)very distressing. An order of this magnitude should have had an IMMEDIATE correction (out of contract with UPS/USPS if necessary, and FedEx could not respond)called in.
As these issues arose PRIOR to the barrage of calls they have been receiving today, I also find it amazing that no pre-emptive action was taken to head off the ire that is(has/was/will?) building.

Damage control should have been priority ONE in the Memphis this last weekend, with a plan to handle it that reached out...not reacted.

Canned responses aside, my rep was at least sympathetic. I started out telling him I knew (by both how long I was on hold...twice...and the rumours already flowing) that I wasn't going to rage, I just needed to know 'the deal', and whether I was 'arse out in the wind' with regards to getting the Gamer's Edition(they having run out by the early afternoon on the 23rd).
The relief in his voice at that tone was a confirmation that he'd been through the ringer.

I'll call and actually be 'angry' when the furor dies down, as he could offer me nothing else to assuage my irritation beyond an offer to refund the 16$ for express shipping...after I receive the order.

I go to great lengths to reward my hobby companies, and FLGS's...I never order from online discounters.
With regard's to GW product, I likely will change that pattern now (if I am unable to secure my product from the local haunt).

I know, TLDNR...forgive me my rant. :-)"

Pretty much sums up my current attitude toward the whole shebang.


  1. Check out my point why GW moved all operations to Memphis, FedEx is HQ'ed there, plus a major air hub and ground shipping location. You are telling me that a truck could not get there to pick up the books? HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAH.....

    I can confirm that at least 4 stores in my area here in Florida got punked on orders.

  2. I wasn't going to post a 'complete and utter bullshit' comment on Natfka's blog...but I'll post it on mine!

    BULLSHIT! :-)

    now, I don't know if that was an isolated excuse...but it sounds more to me like they didn't quite have their 'canned' cover story totally in place at first, and then ran with the more 'forgivable' one of the Gamer's Ed SNAFU (which shouldn't have had an impact on Collector's OR regular).

    This is a complete and utter cock-up...of EPIC proportions.
    This also should have prompted a desperate scramble to reach out to the customer base (like they don't have our email addy's?) in order to head the blowup off at the pass.

    I am stunned, frankly...just stunned.