Saturday, June 30, 2012


I'm a little pissed.
Wife gave me a GW online voucher for Father's that I could order the Gamer's Edition that I really wanted as soon as it was available online.
She was really excited, getting me something fun for my hobby so close to the new edition.
The edition I've been looking forward to a GREAT deal.

Got the confirmation it was shipped on Tuesday.

Mail just got delivered, still nothing.

Looks like I got screwed outta 'release-day' fun!

Shit.  I think I'm really pissed.
I know the wife is.


  1. I feel your pain! Chris and I asked our LGS to order a copy of the book, psychic cards and a tape measure for me.

    We show up today, only the cards was in. They shorted the # of copies to the store and they went to the customers that paid in full. GW stiffed the store of any other, we are SOL until next week also. Appears several stores was stiffed by GW and not sent out as ordered. F'ing idiots...

  2. I likely wouldn't be AS frustrated were it not for;
    a) the wife is actually really torqued. she wanted it to be special, and instead I'm stuck lamenting the fact I didn't take my chances and hope for a Gamer's Ed through my LGS and,
    b) I paid for EXPRESS shipping.

    I am concerned (particularly now that I've heard yours, and Chris', travails) that the SNAFU could come butt-up against the holiday and delay things even further!
    Shouldn't bite you guys in the butt too much further, the store will get them next week...might just wind up being Fri...but I might be swinging in the wind til the following week.

    I be NOT a happy Mikey...not in the least.

    1. I just sent a railing email to GW, will they care? Doubt it. Made me feel better. It's not fair to the retailer or the customer. Someone REALLY did a bad job on this rollout and should be fired.

      The anger is understood, imagine mine, driving 40 mins to the store (thus adding miles to the car I didn't have to), gas, tolls and time....a huge waste of a day. Rather, the weekened as I could have read the book and played a game or two to enjoy the new edition, now I am sitting around with my thumb up my arse......*sigh*

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