Wednesday, January 26, 2011



Kinda easy, considering I had them before and just had to tweak a bit of painting, but my painting time is limited.
Terminator Libby
1ea; Terminator squad(3x THSS/1xApothecary/1x Chainfist/1x banner/1x Cyclone)
5ea; Terminator squad(3x THSS/1x LC/1x Chainfist/1x Cyclone)

the Libby is for P-Defense, as the GK equivalent is going to be right-out soon.

aiming for 1850(points here are actually, 1780)

I have the Ravenwing to bring it up (and dbl-wing it) just need to play a bit more to figure out configurations.

Gatecrashers FTW.


  1. As soon as I can.
    Can't get past all the USB port plugs being filled by 'she-who-must-be-obeyed' and all her 'school necessary' (so she claims) electronic devices...

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  3. Okay, pix...some shields are undone, and two bases.
    Need highlighting and final details and flesh on some bare heads.
    As I play them, I'll work on them.

    The only untouched model is the Apothecary...I haven't settled on a scheme for him yet. He'll be black until I am inspired.

  4. (and more progress...shields nearly done, chest eagles/crux's etc done in white...need heads and washing finished...then inspiration for the Apothecary)

  5. Looks good Man!!
    Is that the travel display board?

  6. Yeah...I love it.
    A bit smaller than I'd originally thought, but it works find for smaller elite forces (such as this, or possibly Daemons/GK etc)
    For yesterday, it easily held my DW and a full squadron of RW with a little room to spare.

  7. Awesome I will have to check one of those boards out. Looks a little smaller than I was hoping as well though.