Saturday, January 29, 2011

Deathwing Sabotaged!!!

When one declares an army finished,
one should NOT leave them accessible to a jealous animal...
(I was painting instead of giving her a warm lap she kept demanding the last few days. She gets ornery when cold. LOVING and ornery, but her lap must be supplied.)

The cat has absconded with one of my THSS terminators...I think I shall have to prime and paint her as a stand in until found.


  1. Well as long as you can fit her on a termy size base I'll have no problems with that in a game. =P

  2. My two Siamese brothers took off with 5 Jump Packs over the Summer.
    I withheld their food for two days and kept telling them to give me my JP's back.
    1 day later they piled all of the JP's on the floor next to my hobby chair.


  3. DrkM: If I could fit her on a termie base, she'd probably still be the cute kitten that woo'd my wife into duping me...or I'd have run her through a meat grinder.

    SdM: I somehow doubt you here...I can see your corpse being gnawed upon in the middle of the second night if you withheld food for two straight days from twin cats.
    Just sayin...

  4. Don't doubt me here...I really did...

    They ate the dog food...the dog was in my grill for two because of the cats.