Sunday, January 30, 2011

Deathwing Pseudo-BatReps

Okay, sorta batreps..more like result-reps. I'm collating (from memory) 3 games over the last 2 weeks.
Due to trying to reconstruct from memory, I cannot guarantee my opposite number's lists are represented with greater than 80% accuracy.

Game 1 vs 'Nilla Marines (1850)
2x rhinos
1x HB razor
2x Devs (4x HB/4x Lascannon)
4x Tacs (melta/?)
Vanguard Vets

1850 pure DW (6 squads with Belial and Command termies)

Battle Missions (the Daemon mission that continues until all are dead)
My DW played the Daemon role, which was appropriate for the Deployment option.

It wound up going until turn 6, with the DW wiping him out.
His army was a diverse one, but not tournament optimized (was never built for that, so not a dink...just a fact). Was a fun matchup, with me losing an entire DW squad on my first half drop due to mishap. Scary moment, but was compensated for when my one non-standard squad (all p-fists and c-fists, no storm shields) made 6x crux saves in one shooting phase the next turn.
Average rolls for both players throughout the game showed the strength of the DW vs a non-optimized list. His V-Vets definitely put a LOT of pain into the termie command squad when they hit it, but not getting of the DS charge when they first came in let me position for last two turns without interference.

DW Win

2nd game v pseudo Logan-Wing (2000)
2x tooled PA runepriests
1x tooled PA wolfpriest
10x WG (2x Cyclone termies, 8x PA)
(3) 5x WG (1x Cyclone termie, 4x PA)
(2) 6x LF (2x Lascannon, 3x ML)
(1) 6x LF (3x MM, 2x HB)

My DW had been fixed since last game, with all squads (but command) std config (see DW list here: ( ) With the addition of a RW attack squadron (7 models, 2x melta, 1x MM Attk Bike, 1x Pfist).

Mission Capture/Control, Pitched Battle.

I just couldn't manage the central/mobile LoganFang squad + the 4x super characters. It went to t-6, and not until t-4 was it conclusively a loss, but it emphasizes the OP of Space Wolves. DW may have answers for IG, but I don't think we'll see an answer to SW until another codex or two. (my die rolling did not help, I spent a Saturday with dice hate...they REALLY hated me. failing to wound with 5 TH hits on t-4 was just barely worse than the norm for this or the next game. against Loganwing, that is NOT an option.)
No mistakes on either side. The bikes did precisely what I wanted them to, delivering DW assault where I wanted it right off. Was actually a good game, regardless of my frustration (which expressed itself in me getting pissy...I hate games like that, but when I'm playing with a friend I have a tendency to let my barriers down).

Loganwing Win

Game 3 v Witch hunters (1500)
Inq Lord (scourging, gear, 3x plas 1x mystic retinue,Chimera [SL/HF])
Inq (scourging + some gear)
Inq (scourging + some gear)
Callidus Assassin
(4) IST (2;2x plas/2;2x melta) each w/Chimera (SL/HF)
3x Excorcist

My list (roughly) 5x aforementioned DW units+Grey Knight GM(w/TeleH and SS).

Mission Seize Ground/Spearhead (5 obj)

Dice hate abounds, but still managed a draw. had it ended turn 5 he would have won by 1 obj. I managed to steal the initiative, and with my 1st turn of shooting I neutered virtually all his non-excorcist shooting, and lost only 2 terminators.
I advanced, sniping Chimeras and generally trying to create mayhem.
Then the dice hate began, and I started losing terminators to stupid assaulting ISTs etc.
I managed to hold two objectives with my single remaining 4 man DW squad, while he held 2 with a 3 man squad that refused to break (or be successfully assaulted) and a single backfield unit that never was shot at.
In the end he had 2 IST units(one down to 3 men), 2x excorcists, a free roaming INQ lord and an immobilized chimera.
I had the 4 man termies.

I made some (intentional) errors in the beginning, specifically to see if I could walk into the Excorcists across the board. Had my rolling been average late-midgame, I could have. Run and DT rolls were poor, as were FNP and std saves. Unlike the very first game, also my standard crux saves failed me. Was a good see-saw game with a lot of tension midfield/late game. Would love to do that one all over again with more aggressive drops.
I think more aggressive drops could have cracked this one much faster, will go at it again. I DID miss the drops off the Ravenwing though.


Upon reflection,
JEEBUS I'm happy!
I haven't been satisfied with a Deathwing(or DoubleWing) game since 5e and the advent of the 5e Space Marine codex.
I am happy that Dark Angels have become somewhat viable again. I am also VERY happy to see that they are not a point-click win (not that I really believe in those per-se) army, but require real focus and application while still being somewhat competitive.
I see, other than the obvious low model-count issues, their biggest weakness will be piss-poor psyker defense. When the new Grey Knights 'dex comes out, the loss of a GK hero for Ldr-10 p-hood is going to be a kick. Having used a std DA libby-terminator in the 2nd game, I know that ldr-9 sucks for p-hoods. I think I stopped ONE Runepriest power in 6 game turns.
Their 2nd biggest weakness is also one of their greatest strengths. Fearless. Though this may not have a HUGE impact on the Terminators, if using a DoubleWing config, it can finish off a Bike squadron in CC lickity split (and an additional wound from resolution, though unlikely, into a small terminator squad can really put you in a bind). Just give me stubborn ldr-10 instead of fearless, I'll be happy then! ;)

Overally, I approve of this FAQ!!! :)


  1. I am up for a rematch...let me know.

  2. Great thoughts on the list and over all game review. I would ask for pictures but seeing as you found a loop hole of not actually doing bat reps I suppose I can't say a couple pictures for each game would have been awesome...but.. I'll hint at it lol.

    I am pleased that the FAQ's added some more spice to the 40k meta game. =) always good when armies get some life back in them after waiting silently on the shelf.