Sunday, January 2, 2011

DE vs Orks 2k

2000pt Dark Eldar vs Orks
My list:
-Haemonculus w/Liquifier Gun; Venom Blade; Webway Portal.
-Haemonculus w/Liquifier Gun; Venom Blade; Webway Portal. (HQ= 200pts)
-Trueborn (x3) w/Blaster x3
Venom w/xtra Splinter Cannon
-Trueborn (x3) w/Blaster x3
Venom w/xtra Splinter Cannon (elites=292pts)
-Warriors (x5)
Raider w/Dark Lance; Flickerfield
-Warriors (x5)
Raider w/Dark Lance; Flickerfield
-Warriors (x5)
Raider w/Dark Lance; Flickerfield
-Warriors (x5)
Raider w/Dark Lance; Flickerfield
-Wyches (x9) w/Hekatrix(agonizer/PGL);Shardnet&Impaler
-Wyches (x9) w/Hekatrix(agonizer/PGL);Shardnet&Impaler (troops=740pts)
-Beastmasters w/4x BM; 5x Khymera; 4x Razorwing; 1x Clawed Fiend
-Beastmasters w/4x BM; 5x Khymera; 4x Razorwing; 1x Clawed Fiend (FA=416pts)
-Ravager w/3x Dark Lance; Flickerfield
-Ravager w/3x Dark Lance; Flickerfield
-Ravager w/3x Dark Lance; Flickerfield (HS=345pts)

His list: (from memory, roughly)
Warboss (loaded with Klaw and eavy armour plus all the upgrades he could get)
Nobz x10 (painboss, multiple Klaws and Uge choppas/painboy/max allocation)
Shootasx30 (Nob/Klaw/Pole/3x big shoota)
Sluggasx30 (Nob/Klaw/Pole/3x hvy weapons)
Sluggasx30 (Nob/Klaw/Pole/3x hvy weapons)
Ard Boyzx20 (Nob/Klaw/Pole)
3x Trakks (twin rokkits)
3x Killa Kans (twin rokkits/armour plates)
3x Killa Kans (Grotzookas/Armour plates)
Deff Dread (3x CCW/Skorcha)

Mission DOW/5 objectives.
Terrain: 3 story building off-center in one half of table(completely in one table half, but on the line), two ruins starting approx 8” from opposite table edge and about 1.5’ from each table side. Small woods scattered about, a few hills. About 25%(ish), but lighter than I like on taller/blocking etc.
Objectives placed centrally and approximately one central in each quarter (big X).
I win roll to deploy/go first, and defer.
He deploys Shoota mob in central building (just in scoring position off center objective) and a Slugga mob(w/Warphead) to my right on another objective in a large wood.
I deploy nothing.
I do NOT seize the initiative.

Turn 1:
-Top; the tide moves on. He brings a unit of Kans on in the centerline of each quarter. On my left he supports Kans with the Ard Boyz, Deff Dread and a unit of Sluggas (the sluggas are stretched to approach the rear of the building in his center as well, behind the Ard boyz who make it to a woods). On my right he supports Kans with the Trakks and the Boss/Nobz (behind the Slugga/Warphead mob in the woods).
No targets to shoot, so he runs. All 4s and 5s pretty much puts him on every objective in his half, and in cover.
-Bottom; I bring on everything but the Wyches and Beasts. One Venom dives into a building on my left/center (survives) and Haemonc jumps out to drop webway threatening the central objective. One Raider pushes 12” into a building on my right (surivives) and Haemonc jumps out to drop webway. The rest of my vehicles push forward up the left board-edge at maximum shooting speed. Venoms fire and kill 5 orks from the slugga mob on my left. Lances fire and kill….nothing. I think I blew a rokkit off the Trakks and a rokkit off a Kan (though I shook the other two kans in that unit, hurting his shooting at my left flank).

Turn 2:
-Top; the tide flows into solid positions, supporting squads and consolidating positions. He brings his damaged slugga mob closer to the back of the 3 story building to support the shootas. He brings the Kans forward to threaten with shooting and draw fire. The Dread moves up the center. His shooting phase nets him….a dead splinter cannon on a Venom. (at this point, we both decided shooting sucks).
-Bottom; Reserves net me 1 Wych Squad and 1 Beast Squad. Hoping to pull him into committing off center, I bring them both in from my right side Webway. With fleet rolls, BOTH units get into charge range of his slugga/warphead mob. I managed to immobilize my right side raider trying to fly out of the building, so the unit just stays put to contribute to the central fire lanes. I move a blaster bomb squad (trueborn) with venom up to the central objective (they jump out to add weight of fire). The left flank moves up toward the kan mob, and the Ravagers take sniping positions to left of center. I fire, killing the left Kans, Deff Dread and Trakks (as well as 5 more orks from the left side Sluggas). Assault Phase puts my Wyches and beasts into the Warphead’s Sluggas. Much gnashing of teeth later (my rolling bites) and he loses a whopping 15 orks…AFTER resolution. I lost a 3rd of my Wyches, a Khymera and a Beastmaster.

Turn 3:
-Top; He brings the wounded unengaged sluggas fully into the building backing the shootas. He pushes the Ard Boyz forward (while they still claim their objective, they now have threat range to center as well) and brings Kans/Boss/Nobz into charge range of the furball to my right. His shooting kills the Blaster squad and attendant Venom in the center and blows a Splinter Cannon off the other venom. He charges and wipes the Beasts out (everything made it), drops the Wyches down to half (they break and get away)while he loses the remainder of the Slugga mob (the warphead lives). His consolidations nets him 1”, 1” and 2”. He curses.
-Bottom; Both remaining reserves come in, and the beasts followed their counterparts out of my right portal. Wyches popped out of my left portal and parked on an objective (in cover). Movement is just repositioning for cover/positioning for turn 5. Every lance and splinter weapon in my army fires at Nobz/Boss (who are in cover). I got what I was hoping for when he went to ground. I then charged the Kans. Killed a Klaw, blew a Kan and shook a Kan.

Turn 4:
-Both sides of the turn were rife with bad rolls. After positioning and gunning on both sides he netted a dead Venom, dead blaster squad and some dead beasts. I killed the final Kan, put two wounds on Nobz and killed some Ard Boyz. I darted forward to contest an objective and try to put off the Ard Boyz…who made EVERY SINGLE COVER SAVE.

Turn 5:
-It really ceased to be a dance and became a slugfest. The Nobz+Boss came in and wiped Beasts(ending on the objective), his shooting did virtually nothing. My shooting finally put pain into the Nobz (cutting them in half). At this point, end of turn, it would have been a draw (as splinter fire had utterly failed to shift the Ard Boyz now down to 9). I rolled, game continues.

Turn 6:
-it’s turn 5 all over again, but while his fire was ineffective, mine wiped his Boss+Nobz. I again failed to shift the Ard Boyz, but he could not reach my two home objectives (controlled) or shift my Flat Out grabbing skimmers.
Game end…DE win 2 objectives to 1.

Had there been a 7th turn, the game would have again become a draw, or even possibly a win for the Orks. Sign of a good game is DEFINITELY a see-saw of dominance.

He didn’t have enough shooting, which allowed me a bit of leeway for my bad dice turns (which I had…in abundance).

The game did let me test my anti-infantry weaknesses, and let me see how the army performed with sub-par rolls.
There were few good targets for my Lances, reducing the investment efficiency there.
My CC rolls were below average at best…atrocious for a turn.
My shooting was average, but only over the game…turns went up and down.
His cover saves were tremendous. The amount of fire I put down should have had as many dead orks by end of 3 as there was end of 5.

Though he was not playing a serious tourney list, he still made me play out of the box and work outside of a comfort zone.

-If I can’t rely on games averaging out, I have to compensate. I need more beasts.
-Flickerfields do NOT need to be on all my vehicles. Dropping them from Raiders will net me 40pts for beasts.
-Blaster bomb squads are iffy when faced with little armour/MC. I will have to face a few LRaider/more IG Mech before I decide to keep these guys in their current incarnation.
-I may want another venom.
-I am not worried about PfP in this list.
-I missed a beatstick, but at the same time I didn’t. sometimes they’re good to draw fire, and that’s where I missed an ‘obvious target’ unit moreso even than its use.
-I need more Wyches in the squads (and I think I may dump PGL in favor of Haywire/nothing).
-I may need Shock Prows. My inability to shift the ‘Ard Boyz unit off of its objective could have cost me the game. Tank Shock availability would have given me greater opportunities to do this.


  1. Not a bad batrep.

    It sounds like if you just put a little more anti-infantry in there you should be ok
    say on the Trueborn...SC's instead of Blasters...squad with Venom x2 SC pumps out 24 shots a turn.

    Shock-prows are good, but if he has 'a' Klaw in the squad you are dead.

    I would like to give a go with either SM or IG.

  2. I am going to ramp up the beasts a bit for anti-infantry.
    Problem with giving the Trueborn SC, the Venoms are restricted to a 6" move to be able to shoot the on-board unit, and I don't want to be tempted to restrict their movement on a unit I don't want to just throw away. As blaster bombs, they are a dedicated toss v hvy armour...with an anti-infantry bump I would need more than a round or two of shooting with them to make em worthwhile.

    Only if I hit the Klaw model on the TS which case I deserve it!! :o

  3. All those photos and we don't even get to see this anonymous Ork player's beautiful models.

  4. not that I know you took photos... obviously I wasn't there...

  5. Allright now, Captain umbrage!!!
    you weren't named because I hadn't asked. :)

    I'm sorry, I should have said 'exceptionally well painted ork army' :P

  6. (and with a slow intrawebz connection, it takes a while to go from phone to comp to, I bring the damn camera)