Sunday, June 19, 2011

YTTH Ard Boyz challenge...

it isn't what I would have built for myself, but I've chosen to follow the 'Ard Boyz challenge from YTTH.

I've been enamored of Dark Angels (shifting to Deathwing/Doublewing as those armies developed) since Rogue Trader.
Though the list doesn't capitalize as much on mixed firepower/THSS units, it does compensate for the weaknesses I normally accept as a given in the DW based builds I run.
(his Ard Boyz list; )

As I like playing outside my normal spread for some events, I'm picking up and running with Stelek's take on 2500pts of DA doom!

Looking at it, the list has it's own all older, short-legged codexes do...but he's filled in the gaps nicely.
My love for THSS models regularly dinks my ability to deal with volume/hordes/exposed infantry.
With only 5 man squads, the THSS assault does NOT compensate often enough (as was re-emphasized with yesterday's RTT). ESPECIALLY when that assault is against dedicated horde/volume assault elements. Hell, it even fell down against 5-6 man grey hunters (without power weapons) a few times.

As it still revolves around terminators, specifically SCORING terminators, I think I will still have a great deal of fun running it...
and who knows, maybe I will actually get to PRACTICE with it, before the event, this year! :)

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