Monday, June 13, 2011


so finally with the GK love...or at least repair. :)

No real surprises from my end, I was certain of all the 'major' clarifications but for one. My thoughts on the biggies (ie;not blatant)were as follows;

What counts as daemons? Well, obviously...Daemons! The inclusion of Oblits (etc) may be a surprise to some, but I was expecting that list. Mandrakes, on the other hand, actually lends a depth to their fluff that I was NOT expecting (though again, by fluff, it makes a confirmation of DE depravity if nothing else).

'dex uber BRB, dreads can score...simple.

A dink on the scout v shunt, as in you cannot do it...balance issue only, as far as I can see. If you can turbo-boost, you should be able to shunt...but again, I expected it from a balance perspective. Doesn't make 1st turn assaults impossible, just more difficult to employ/easier to stymie.

The BIGGEST one (IMHO), NO...taking Coteaz does NOT give you unlimited henchmen units. Common sense, if you ask me, but I'm not a GW employee so you never know! :)

Str 6 dreadknights without a Daemon Hammer. I was not sure how this one was going to land, to be honest. It makes sense, or the Hammer seems useless. I just don't get the need to add the 'doomfist' as wargear...beyond making it a Force Weapon wielder.

Falchions. Seriously guys, did you SERIOUSLY think they were going to give you +2 attacks? The wargear entry was clear, a pair = +1 attack. GAH! Read words, don't read INTO them! :)

And totally out of left field, nearly all the Tau weaponry count as plasma? Fluff memory fails me, but I didn't think they were? Oh well, at least you won't see syphons often.

I did miss an addressing of 'Crucible of Malediction' vs 'Psychic Pilot', and was surprised that no query came up of 'Psychic Communion' being used off table...but meh.

Overall, I was VERY pleased with this FAQ. It was not a nerf, it was not a rewrite, it was a redress. Coupled with clarifications in the new BRB FAQ (the big one there being, no casting of the same p-power by the same psyker in the same turn), the new Grey Knights did not get a bump over the top, nor did they take a hit I did not foresee...bravo GW!

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