Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Word Bearers...a start, and something more

So, after reading 'First Heretic' I have been motivated...
I haven't created an army just because I 'wanted to' in a very long time.
In fact, the last one was my pre-Heresy Istvaan III loyalists.
Everything I've done since has made concessions to competitiveness.

Three things pushed me into this, in reverse order;
The novel...it brought me back into the Horus Heresy universe, as the last two I read disappointed.
Tim Wright...watching him play, enjoy, and do well with a 'toolbox' Chaos Space Marine army at my last RTT (which will shortly have its own blog entry). He just ENJOYED himself too much for me to not re-evaluate excessive competitive builds to the exclusion of the original fun.
Ian V... 'nuff said.

Argel Tal (and soon, the Gal Vorbak)

So he begins, with his 'mini-me'...

Slow progress...

Getting there...


  1. The Prince is looking really good so far. Very Nice shading on all the flesh areas and red armor areas.

    I like the green chaos symbol on the shoulder pad...very good contrast with the red.

  2. Thanks.
    I don't usually go for red/green...but in this case it was appropriate.

    I need to bring the flesh transforming into bone on the backpack more to light, though it shows poorly on my Droid phone.

    I'm going to shelf him for a bit, to work on the Gal Vorbak...that will probably give me the direction I need to guide the basing.

    Need to find one of the Chaos Terminator Lord chaos-star basing bits that I haven't used, I think it will go well on Argel's base.