Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Grey Knights beginnings, with cheeze...and little GK

Okay, bear with I am doing this from memory..but I think it serves closely enough for points.


2x Techamrines (orbital strike relay/2x servo skulls)

6x Inq Ret Sqads;
5x Psykers
2x Jakaero

2x Rifleman Dreads (psybolts)

Should come out to JUST under 1750 (again correct me if I'm wrong) Leaving 100pts (to get to 1850-ish) and netting;
8 twin linked str 8 range 48 shots
6 S-7 Ap-2 large blasts range 36
12 S-9 Ap-2 range 48 shots (or MM, or Hvy Flm)
plus chimera fire
and 2x Orbital Bombardments...DS defense from the squad Coteaz is attached to, scout blocking, mobility and so on.

Extra 100pts can go into warriors with flamers or plasma (if you equip chimera with hvy flamers, reducing your midfield fire, you do help out the anti horde fun)

Now this is an exercise in extremis...seeing if the Codex can be abused significantly.
I would never play this in friendly games, but am thinking variations on this theme may/will be seen in tourney.

I know I'm going to try it out that way, but not sure I'm going to stick with it unless people figure out ways to manage it and make it fun to play.

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