Sunday, March 27, 2011

Grey Knights reserve manipulation (thoughts and queries)


BRB FAQ:(units in reserves vs abilities)
Q: If a unit is in reserve, and it has an ability that occurs at
the start of a turn
can they use that ability on the turn they
arrive? (p94)
A: No. Unless specifically stated otherwise.

GK Psychic Communion(reserve manipulation)
...This power is used at the beginning of the Grey Knights Movement Phase. If the psychic test is successful, you can modify any reserve rolls made this phase by by +1 or -1...

Okay, now this (kind of) smacks of lawyering, and may be answered somewhere I am not seeing, BUT...I am finding nothing in the rules that would prevent a GK IC with this power from manipulating his(or other units) reserve rolls while he is in reserve.

Beat me up if I am missing something obvious, or has already been discussed to death, but am I wrong?


  1. I haven't really thought about this but being a power that he tests for doesn't he have to be on the board? Just like I can't have Eldrad casting fortune while he is in reserve?

  2. the managing rule there falls under the BRB FAQ heading, as all Eldar p-powers are covered under the beginning rules for Eladar P-powers;
    'unless stated otherwise...all Eldar psychic powers are used at the start of the eldar turn'

  3. Ahh I see what your saying. I still find it odd that the intent would be the use of powers while in reserve. Although I see how by RAW you could argue your point.

  4. I don't know about RAI...but by RAW, I do see it functioning.
    It's similar to the fuzzy line define 'start of game' (with regards to the shunt move).

    Now, an argument COULD be made for RAI as well, as it is specifically a reserve manipulation power. Why have an ability like that, if you cannot use it for FULL coordination on the battlefield (akin to the reserve astropath still affecting the battle, or autarchs etc...)

  5. Hmmm well I wonder were people will land on this issue. The RAW and RAI debate is always something people tend to split or get upset about.

    Personally until something is FAQ'd I have no problems with playing things RAW. The rules are the rules and if GW feels they wrote it wrong a FAQ should correct it.

    On another quick note how did your GK testing go Saturday?

  6. Without looking at the GK book for exact verbiage...

    p 94 BRB Rolling for Reserves - 'At the start of each of his Mov't phases except the first, before moving any unit, the player must roll a dice for each of his unit in reserve.'

    My understanding is the roll can't be used unless the model is on the board because it occurs at the start of the mov't phase...the model is not on the board, no roll. The power isn't a blanket modifier like Astropath/Officer...

    Same goes for the can't roll the pregnancy test before you move on the board from Reserve can you???

    I would play it like that until the FAQ.

  7. The problem is, we both can and cannot use precedents...such as the Tervigon (as that is producing a unit that would have to occupy space on the field, by the function of it's rules and the rules defining the new units placement)

    You are correct about blanket powers, they are always 'on', but where does that leave us with Logan Grimnar, who can activate his power while coming in from reserves? It does affect him, AND his unit...and requires a decision be made, and is not required to be used.

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  9. I am thinking that there is a 'gap' in the rules...which I may, personally, be missing...though I think it's actually NOT IN the rules. (missing being a statement that requires a model to not be in reserve to activate abilities that affect other reserves, or affect the field of play where LOS or targets are not required)

    There appears to be NOTHING to state you cannot do this, and it is clear through other precedents that some off-table assets can use their abilities while in reserve.
    Now, that being said, I would never use this loop to FORCE someone to accept it if they were adamant.