Sunday, October 20, 2013

A little rejuvenat, and reflection...

So, I've been very...negative...of late.
I had to take a step back, for a while.
Upon reading another's blog, I discovered part of my ennui has less to do with the game I play (though I am still not fond of the current 'sandbox') and more to do with me.
More to the point, though she is a gift beyond lovely little 2 year old daughter has made both my ability to game, and hobby, very difficult at best.

I read an article today, after a string of clicks off a single BoLS article, and found hope at the end of this myopic tunnel.
I am going to link to that article, and hope the writer has no issue with this (I'll ask, of course, but I think it should be will risk being told to take it down after the fact).
It may seem simple of me, but it really makes me think positively of the future of my hobby (and let's be honest, I'm it is a finite future at best.  45 was awfully late to have a new spawn).

I'm going to start following up soon, with some earnest hobby work I have done lately.
I nearly finished my Nurgle Daemon army in 6 weeks, and have taken my Pre-Heresy DG up to around 3500pts...with nary a pic of either posted.
I'm going to miss the next local club event, but it is what it has intruded a bit.
I'll make it a point to chase one soon, just to dust off some fun plastic 'doods' (as a friend's 3+ year old calls his plastic addiction).

Thanks, Jen...for a small ray of hope in such a simple article.

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