Monday, April 29, 2013

GW fan blogs DMCA Hate?

(may be a rumour reaction, looking for confirmation first...not taking down original post though)

GW DMCA takedown of BoLS and Faeit?

Really guys?

These sites support you and your community...un-good.
Double-Plus Un-good.

makes my ennui more pronounced.

appears confirmed:

found also repeated on the BoLS lounge (which is still accessible)


  1. DMCA appears to have shut them down, see 'da linky'!!!
    (edited op for further developments)

  2. You know, GW is really going more and more Natzi control freaks. Guess they don't care this will just put another hole in their ship that is taking on water. Really guys, you are not the flipping goverment making top secret weapons it's a game! *facepalm*

  3. BoLS is back up...they think it was just crossfire/collateral for them (well, that's speculation on many peoples' part...not confirmed from anyone).