Saturday, May 28, 2011


I had two games today.
Two fights, dueling about the battlefield with new toys...and new ideas...

I was going to write a bat-rep for them, but I decided to not sully it.

today was a reminder.
a reminder of why

I played Rob (some of you may know him, some not)
I played Edge (some of you may regret knowing him, some not) :)

I've been under a lot of stress lately, sometimes aware...sometimes not...and it expressed itself in some of my games.

but today I was reminded of WHY we do these things.


Gaming is just another social medium for us to be with those we like, meet some that we didn't know, and bullshit like there's no tomorrow.
It gives us a certain 'arena', and a set of 'rules', to interact with...but ultimately it's just another way to be brother's (or sisters).

Win/lose/draw didn't matter to me today.
Being WITH mattered.

and I want to thank everyone (whether played with, talked to, on this forum or not, or briefly engaged) for being WITH...
because time is precious to all people, and when it is shared in good spirits it is all that much more!

(sappy off, I've been in my cups) :D