Sunday, May 15, 2011

Batrep:DW vs IG

1850 test run for a buddy, preparing for CAG.

My list;
I went with a paradigm shift for the Deathwing.
Up 'til now, my focus had been to stay away from mech. No real philosophical issue (though I think over-meching in 40k is getting a little stale), as much as a desire to introduce new elements into my play strategy...and compensate for a lack of >str-8 anti-vehicle fire.
At 1850 I ran
Terminator squad (5x THSS/Apothecary/Cyclone)
Terminator Squad (5x THSS/Cyclone)
Terminator Squad (4x THSS/1x CF-Sb/Cyclone)
Terminator Squad (4x THSS/1x CF-Sb/Cyclone)
Terminator Squad (4x THSS/1x CF-Sb/Cyclone)
Land Raider
Land Raider Crusader

My opponent's list (roughly, from memory...correct me if you see this and I'm off somewhere);
CCS (4x melta/master of the fleet)
Chimera (HF/ML)
Vets (melta, 2x flamer)
Vendetta(w/hvy bltrs)
Vets (melta, 2x flamer)
Vendetta(w/hvy bltrs)
Vets (3x plasma?/Plp)
Chimera (HF/ML)
Vets (3x plasma?/Plp)
Chimera (HF/ML)
Vets (3x melta?)
Chimera (HF/ML)
Hellhound (MM)
Leman Russ Demolisher (plasma/HF)
Leman Russ Demolisher (plasma/HF)
Leman Russ Eradicator (HB/HF)

Mission (from memory)
d3+2 objectives (ended up in a diagonal across the table;corner dep zone, center, corner dep zone).
Terrain was a central large-ish 3 story building, clusters of hills in each quarter and a large hill in one quarter. A few rock 'clusters' simulating two 'woods' in non-depzone quarters.(the mission had a rule about burning/crumbling terrain...but it had little effect, and we forgot the first half the game anyway).

He won the roll to deploy objectives, then to choose dep-zones and go first. I also would fail to seize.

We ended up going to turn 6.

He deployed in the quarter with the large hill (this quarter will now be NorthWest quarter, relative to my table-side).
Demolisher and Vet/Chimera squad atop the hill (which had a single obj on it).
The LR Eradicator to his right, centered on the SW quarter's boundary line.
His 2nd demolisher just 4(ish)" behind the 'no man's zone' flanked by chimeras (CCS and other 2 vet squads). Just shy of the NE quarter was his Hellhound, and flanking the entire formation (to either flank) were his Vendettas.
I deployed the standard Land Raider (with termies) 1" behind the objective in my DZ, with the LRC (Belial+Command aboard) offset slightly ahead, and to the NE. Spread to provide supporting cover, the 2 dismounted terminators weaved around them. The goal for this was a)cover(not that it's huge, but it provides a bump-save for the chainfists) and b)embarkation-bubble. That last was to compensate for a potentially vicious 1st turn shooting by my opponent, tag teaming transports to protect crippled units...which seems to invariably happen vs him :)

1st turn;

Prior to rolling for seizing init, he scouted his Vendettas forward. I failed to seize, and the game began.
He advanced a steady line, bringing the eradicator into the SW quarter, and the Hellhound forward NE. The vendettas moved 6" further forward, and the Demo and Chimmy on his back hill stayed put. The CCS and 1 Chimera squad advanced toward the NE/Center and another Chimera squad advanced SW/center. He fired. Scatter laser fire killed 3 Terminators, a vendetta immobilized the standard LRaider, and further fire killed two more termies (leaving me with a terminator squad down to 2, and one down to 3).

I disembarked Belial and his unit from the LRC (advancing them toward the building), mounted the crippled 3 man termie on board it...which then barreled forward 12" (just into the central building). The 2 man squad swapped with the unit aboard the LR...who advanced into the shadow of the LRC. DW assault placed my last terminator assault squad just to the left of the central building (after trying to drop into it, on the central objective). I then fired. Full fire effect brought me both vendettas down(pinning the disembarked unit in the SW corner), a stunned chimmy (central building, just to my left).

2nd turn;

He spread out, to bring weight of fire to my DW assaulting unit and the LRC in the building. He left the Demo/Chimmy on the hill, brought the Hellhound around to my right flank (and into the NE quarter) and the CCS unit up into 4x melta range to the LRC. Fire was less effective for him this turn, and he netted just 2 of the DS'd squad, a command termie and an immobilized LRC(the LRC ate 5x Melta, and 2x MM that turn...for a whopping immobilized).

I advanced the Command squad into the building, the left(3 man) squad up to the stunned chimmy from last turn and the right squad toward the left side of the hellhound/potential assault range to the disembarked Vet squad to my right. The 3 man squad in the LRC jumped out (and into the building, to engage further vehicles from the side). My fire was...lackluster. I shook a chimera (the central/SW one I stunned last turn) and blew off its MultiL. I did kill the PlasVets in the NW chimera, who then fled due to casualties. As my fire was directed at vehicles, the only assault I managed was against the central/SW chimmy...which was chainfisted to death...flaming, explody, shrapnel laden death that exterminated the Chainfist Termy.

3rd turn;

He shuffled and pivoted, to generate maximum fire. The fleeing Vets(w/2 remaining plasma) were in double-tap range of the building/damaged terminators. This is where he made (what I consider his only real mistake, as he did not advance the Demolisher off the hill(not until turn 5). He brought the previously-pinned Vendi-Vets toward the building. His fire, as in the last turn, was mitigated...wiping out the SW terminator squad and dropping the short squad in the building to 1 cyclone/THSS. He DID wreck the LRC, but at that point it remained as a big blocking element, and was empty.

I advanced the command terminators into the building, but separated Belial off to join the lone cyclone in the other side of the ruins. My NE terminators (still undamaged) came into his left flank. My backfield terminators jumped out of their LandRaider to contribute more shooting. Fire killed the Hellhound, and a few guardsmen. Assault, on the other hand, wiped the Vendi-vets (who had been camped blocking assault to the Hellhound/CCS chimera...all the while pouring Melta-fire into the LRC). I multi-assaulted them with Belial/cyclone and the Full squad(to draw the full squad further forward). 1" consolidation with both units did little to further my maneuver-cause.

4th turn;

More shuffling, and shooting, on both sides resulted in me down to; a short-legged command terminator squad, a 4man squad (in the building now) and the backfield little squad in immobilized LandRaider... and he with the CCS/Chimera unit, all hvy tanks, the Chimera squad on the hill and the 3man vets(w/ 2 remaining plas, who were ordered to 'get back into the fight'). He lost the SW Vendi-Vets to command termy assault this turn.

5th turn;

Again, truncated, as this turn is more of me trying desperately to preserve Terminators, and he trying to wipe them out...and get on the central objective (that I now own). We shuffled for position, his more for shooting advantages. I lost the remaining terminators in the command squad (shall they stand resolute at the right hand of 'the Lion'). He DID move the Demolisher down from the hill, netting greater weight of fire to the torrent and assisting in the demise of the command terminators.

6th turn;

And finally, he brought the last bit of fire down on the terminators in the central building...and an assault/backpedal consolidate killed his remaining contesting-options. The game ended; I had my backfield objective and center, he had his backfield objective.
He had a greater portion of the scenario bonus points, so his BPs would have shown the game to resemble a near tie vs a clean win.

He felt NOT reserving his Vendi-vets was an error. I disagree, as the rush forward and sniping managed to cripple my first turn mobility (immobilized LR with his first triad of lascannon, plus two dead termies for the other one).
I think his only mistake was leaving the Demolisher on his backfield hill after my DW assault showed him where all my assets lost him the flexibility of plasma-sponsons/range.

My only mistake was one of attitude. This was a test game for tourney (for him), and his initial fire seemed to set a tone that I THOUGHT would make it a less-than-challenging experiment. Coupled with my (sometimes) pessimistic view of game-trends/tone from first/second turn exceptional opposing shooting, I offered a 'reset' after his initial fire. This was MOSTLY from a desire to get in a 'good' game in the limited time I had, but also from 'worstcasescenario-itis' I suffer...something I only express in friendly games with people I am comfortable with, but still an attitude I have to make a conscious effort to avoid.
When I suggested starting over, my opponent was willing...but hesitant. I decided that MY need to see if I could recover from that hammer, AND whether he could press home the advantage thoroughly, was paramount...and I am glad I did.
Pushing through pointed out his demolisher error, and gave me renewed faith in the viability of the LandRaiders and the resilience of my DeathWing.

Thank you, to my opponent; for an excellent, challenging and wholly entertaining game.

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  1. Correction,
    there were only 2x triple-plasma squads in chimera...they just seemed to keep flying out of the woodwork! :) (so somewhere, my memory invented an extra target...i think one was just more resilient than I remembered)