Sunday, July 4, 2010

Death Company (or why painting white's a pain!)

So, I'd decided (quite a while ago) to do my BA Death Company in white...inspired by a few sources, and referencing the Japanese as the colour of mourning/death.

Then someone I knew locally (Matt/Valhallan, when in Fla) did it, so I stopped entertaining the notion (I don't like doing something someone in my group does colour wise, as it detracts from their efforts...even when/if done better than my own).

I forgot about this desire, until I started bangin my head against the wall for my new DC additions up here in Ohi...and thus, it begins.

The results are not (yet) disappointing...but white's a BEETCH! ;)


  1. They look better than mine already. :)

  2. I actually realized how useless 'white's a bitch' was...
    I'm finishing a 5th model for the unit, and doing a step by step (w/pics) on how I did it. Probably won't help you, as you've been here already and are a good painter, but it's a step! ;)

  3. well, we'll try this again (as the blog-writer tries to figure out why his own comments didn't post)....
    Well, I realized how useless "white's a beetch" is as a commentary, soooo...
    I'm doing a 5th model for the unit, and a step by step pic log, with explanations on what I did.
    It's not a big help to you, as you've done yours already (and know how to paint white) but it's still a sight better than just saying 'hey, here's my white guys, don't they look awesom-sauce..but it was hard'... ;)

  4. If I were to do them again, I'd start from black. Astronomicon grey is a blessing. :)