Monday, December 12, 2011

Wraiths Wraiths everywhere, and not a model to build!

Okay, so whadda ya do?
No, really...what do you do, when GW supplies you with a grand unit that you really can't get models for AND they tease you with artwork that appears to be model representative, and looks great?

Well, I started hacking...
it isn't a grand conversion, more a desperate kit-bash, to produce a Wraith for play...but,

Taking parts from the seat assembly of an Annihilation Barge (don't like the pilots on the vehicle), sprinkle in Triarch Praetorian bits for a Torso, arms from the warriors that come with the Ark kits and add the repair feeder to same and voila, something VAGUELY passable...and 100% GW bitz boyz and gels!

I started with a triarch, as it has all the 'techy' elements that would make them jump infantry. Just seemed to fit, somehow.

This is a WIP, the first model in a unit of 4.
I will obviously be cleaning up joints, getting rid of a few things that seemed a good idea at the time, as I progress through the unit.

Any thoughts on improvement are always welcome!


  1. What an awesome wraith conversion. Brilliant idea!

  2. Thanks guys,
    kinda stalled on this killed modelling-time, but it is what it is.
    Going to try to work on some more for the unit this weekend, and see if I can produce a cohesive unit.
    With no guitar wire, I'm going to have to get creative for whip coils, or go for a 'counts as' with other Necron bitz. We'll see.