Sunday, September 18, 2011

Tales of a 4th place nothing!

So, finally got excited about 'Ard Boyz...2 day before semis! :-O

Went to Indianapolis, my closest semi's location being Games2die for.
They did a very good job, with only a few minor gripes and a great deal of Kudos.
(I will write a full review sometime this week, but have a great deal to do today)

I took 4th, and unlike last year had NO lopsided games.
Each of my opponents were solid, with lists they tuned in and played very well.
I was also fortunate to play no repeat armies, or civil wars.
I brought my Dark Eldar.

My results were;
Rd 1- Major Victory (2 bonus)
Rd 2- Major Victory (3 bonus)
Rd 3- Minor Victory (2 bonus)

I thank all three of my opponents for well fought, well executed and challenging contests.
Mini-Batreps, scenario evals and Venue comments to follow this week.

Thanks for listening to my inconsistent ramblings, but with a baby 3-6 days out, the last month+ has kept me...well, 'distracted' :-D


  1. congrats on the soon to be Dad bit.

  2. Thanks Pat!
    I'm all kinds of excited. Kinda kept my head out of the game with regards to 'Ard Boyz, but at least my priorities were right on target :)