Sunday, August 7, 2011

'Ard Boyz...or 'Ard Meh...?

So, is it just me...
or is the excitment for 'Ard Boyz kinda...meh...this year?

I'm having trouble getting all 'hot and bothered'.
I've already decided to drop out of the 'YTTH' challenge, and just run what I want...
I've already decided (assuming I actually place this time) that I probably won't do the semis (due date for incoming 'screaming ball of stinkitude' notwithstanding) unless there's a location really close by doing them...and even then, only a MAYBE.
I'm buying pretty much zilch for army tweaking (unlike last year, where I dumped an extra 120$ into my 'nids 3 wks out), just grabbed a few extra used terminators to flesh out my DW...stuff that I already wanted anyway.

Then I looked about and saw the similar sentiments being voiced here and there (and by same, I mean even down to the 'reduced spending' et al)...

It's just not...well, just 'not'...this time 'round.

so, is it just me?

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